The man to beat, IMO.

The GSW won the NBA Finals. Not even the officials could carry the Celtics to a Game 7 for those extra ad sales. But they sure tried for three quarters. Hockey is back tonight with game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals.  An absolute nobody is winning the US Open…for now. Phil ain’t gonna make the cut, which will certainly make the survivors of 9/11 and those who lost family members happy.  At least that’s what a sportswriter will probably put down. The 2026 WC host sites were listed. Columbus, OH got shafted. Two Texas cities made the cut. And it looks like everything will be played in football stadiums…that are already built. Which is why the WC should always be held in the US. And I think that’s pretty much it for sports.

Apparently this never happened before.

CNN thinks wind, rain, and drought never happened before. Well, they’re at least parroting that idiotic talking point. They do the same about wildfires, never mentioning that they’re exacerbated by the state’s refusal to allow for any kind of fire mitigation strategies.

This feast-or-famine contrast is a pattern the climate crisis tends to amplify: extremes on both ends of the spectrum, with the pendulum sometimes swinging suddenly from one side to the other.

OK, dickheads. Please show us all the climate data from the last ten centuries in North America that show it didn’t happen before the industrial revolution and that it is more extreme now than any decade over that span. Until then, shut the fuck up.

Remember this the next time a government laments the fact that Putin holds political prisoners. Because that’s what this is. And there ain’t no two ways about it.

Somebody explain this to me like I’m five. No wait, like I’m three. Oh, and if you thought that was retarded, You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Sorry, Julian. There ain’t no First Amendment no more.

Here’s more on political prisoners. This dude is a fucking journalist who never set foot on American soil. He should be celebrated and protected by the 1A, not prosecuted because he made the assholes in charge look like thew asshole s they are by releasing whistleblower info.  Hell, that Vindman asshat has a job at one of the cable news networks. But this man languishes in prison awaiting extradition to the US where he can be tried in a kangaroo court and thrown in another prison.

Jesus. I’ve seen enough. This guy is a mush-brained imbecile. Think I’m exaggerating? Read:

“And by the way, my sympathies to your family of your CFO, who dropped dead very unexpectedly,” said Biden, who is known to console people like himself who have lost loved ones and has flown to multiple funerals even as president.  

“My best to their family. It’s tough stuff,” said Biden.

That’s fucking brilliant.

This is a terrible idea. I guess it’ll be a one-way street that’s also a dead end. Or something like that. Hell, I don’t know. Give me your best Polack jokes in the comments and we’ll come up with some way of mocking this decision.

Y’all realize he’s a liberal, don’t you? And he’s also the guy who founded the company, funded the company, and is paying your salaries? He can be liberal and inclusive without being an insane dumbass who wants children tucking fivers in the thong of some dude with tits. It is, I am certain, possible to be one without embracing the other.

It’s about fucking time! We aren’t treated like cattle nearly as much as I’d like.  (Actually, this is a good idea and will probably result in people having a bit more space on planes.)

Love me some of the early stuff. And yes, some of the later stuff was pretty ok too. Enjoy them both.

And enjoy this Friday and Father’s Day (and Juneteenth…and Justice Forall Sloopy Juneteenth Spicer’s birthday). It’s gonna be a scorcher.