Robot Ninja

What was it CPRM wanted?  Robo Vampire? Ninja Terminator? Ninja Cheerleaders? Ninja ApocalypseNinja Final Duel?  Christ, there are a lot of Ninja films.  Turns out it was Robot Ninja, which sounded so much like Robo Vampire that I had a permanent brain block for it.

This movie was both written and directed by J.R. Bookwalter.  And yes!  It was his second film, which he directed in the same year as The Dead Next Door  which he ALSO directed and wrote. Talk about an overachiever!  That was 1989 – he now has 50 directoral credits to his name. Go J.R.!  Granted, he believes that the worst film he ever made is Robot Ninja – the one we are watching tonight.  Why that one, and not Dead Next Door?  That answer takes some time to explain.  Thanks to Daily Grindhouse for having such a great writeup on both of these films. Otherwise I’d have to take a break from working myself to death to research it.

Not much more I can add, except that this film was lost in limbo for years.  Once the world of video tapes ended this film became impossible to find.  There was a Spanish version on DVD but no English version in the U.S.  It took until 2018 to get it released on Blu Ray.  At the same time, the comic book was released.

What?  You want me to shut up and tell you some facts about about the film?

  1. The robot ninja is not really a robot.  Or a ninja. He’s a fun superhero though.
  2. This film doesn’t suck.  It’s actually awesome and inspired a wave of 80’s style homages when it was re-released in 2018.  J.R. has nothing to be ashamed of (except sharing my initials).
  3. It has Linnea Quigley in it.
  4. Burt Ward pops in for some cameos (yes, 1960’s Batman Burt Ward).
  5. It has some great low budget gore effects.

My job is done here.  Watch!  Or don’t!  Everything is voluntary! Next week, we get a newer movie.  I think it is finally time to watch Corona Zombies!  Get ready to be triggered!

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