Probably. Mostly.

To our Valued Contributors….I have been struggling with WordPress lately, so scheduling of this week has been a bit of a thing. I am pretty sure things will drop properly, but if not – it is my fault.

That being said, let us look at what is in store for us this week.

Monday – Next week we still have more of Animal’s story. ’nuff said. This evening, Tulip talks through “Making Do”.

Tuesday – BLC runs into the cops….again. Later, whiz hits us with more Quordle.

Wednesday – Keeping the day on theme, we have Sugarfree first, then CPRM has a Hat n’ Hair for us.

Thursday – whiz returns with baseball. Glibflick …. Robot Ninja. Yes, Robot Ninja.

Friday – The Daily Stoic brings us coping skills. Tulip returns with fountain knowledge.

Weekends rock on with Links, Features, IFLA and Glibfit!

Um…the cupboard is getting bare here, so get those thoughts down in pixels and submit them! If not, it will end up being non-stop STEVE SMITH life advice columns. By advice columns, mean…

Anyway, here are some links:

I don’t do music links very often, but we need some happy music after those links.

The comment section is open and yours.