An absolute beautiful day here in Manly Time. The rain appears to have finally gone for a bit. I hesitate to do so on a marvelous day like this, but because of my devotion to you, the Glibs audience, I will endeavor to dive into the Links.


Biden keeps channeling his inner Gerald Ford.


So much for the panacea of central banks.


This will be interesting to follow.


Speaking of irony.



Ahaha!!! Ahahahahaha!!! Try alcohol.


I was involved in a lengthy discussion this morning about why the outrage over a two second, same sex kiss in a kids animated movies. This plays into it, bigly. Rational, or not, parents have had it, for a number of different reasons.


We have dumb ass teenagers driving around here in pickup trucks with these stupid water guns, shooting at people. It was only a matter of sometime, somewhere, before somebody found out.


Okay. I’m done. My apologies for not knowing how to imbed a tune without screwing up a few phones. I’ll figure it out eventually.

Nephilium specifically requested Def Leppard today.