Another Sunday, another day trip to a new course. Today we had NickO, Shawn and his son Brodie and the Old Guy (me), and so we headed north to beat the rain and ended up in Beulah, just east of the Nugent compound at a fine meadery and Disc golf course, St. Ambrose

Bubbly mead

  Again Michigan hits it out of the park, this course is very tight and technical so any misthrows will be severely punished. It was pretty foggy at first so much so we couldn’t see the baskets 300 feet away and had to throw and pray.

think this is easy?

I use a cart for my bag, in which case I sometimes become a pack mule for various ice chests, jackets and water. This day was nice because the entire course is flat, so dragging OPS wasn’t so bad.

Chilling at the teebox

Once we figured out the map was way out of scale we just threw what is called a Hyzer bomb up and over the bad stuff and parked our shots inside of 30 feet for a nice par/birdie, then the course became playable. You see, just because they mow a recommended path doesn’t mean you must follow it, so we avoid hitting trees and scrub by throwing up 100 feet over the trees and hopefully land close enough for a birdie try. This can produce some wild results, like this.



Infernal Tree!

A beautiful but tough course, it made me want to get to the meadery asap, any shot that wasn’t perfect was punished, costing from 1 to 4 strokes and no one was immune, so we laughed a lot and searched for our discs. We don’t lose discs usually and this day was no exception.


Long tunnel

Hillside shot

After a 4 hour round it was time for a nap, dry Vans and some night Golf. Josiah was the only one to show that night but we had a blast. Throwing into pitch black is pretty cool when your discs are lit.

Lit Discs! like me!

Crazy Disc golfers

I’m not sure how much time I have left, but I’m playing as many courses as I can until it’s time to go and have a hella good time doing it.

Until the next course,