Back in the mix

The Lightning are still alive after thumping the Avalanche. The Yankees are on fire. And the CWS has been a wacky ride so far. And that’s it for a very short segment of sports.

I wish they’d get on with it. The suspense is killing me. Oh, and if they end up changing the Roe draft decision, then we might as well all get ready for the left-wing mobs to get their easy forever. So fingers crossed it doesn’t play out that way.

This fucking guy needs to go. Now.

He’d be getting off light. But that’s the way it goes for the po-po. Expect him to negotiate a sweet pension as well.

This is a farce. It’s a shame he didn’t ask him why he banned the opposition party for life. That would have been more interesting than prostrating himself.

I hope they ate the fucker. Steve Irwin deserves a little payback.

Christ, what an asshole. Sounds like he should have been offered a Snickers bar mid-flight. Or perhaps a ball-gag.

The irony is just so…ironic. But I fear it will be lost on so many from the left.

This headline is a step in the right direction. And yes, they’re still free to participate in the correct division.


Some people have too much time on their hands. And the government has too much money if they’re spending millions to “fix” it.

This could be interesting. I hope those studies figure out how to pump water into the sea below sea level. And how they’ll work in a power outage, which would be likely if anything requiring their use happens (see: Harvey).

80s videos were…weird. That’s putting it mildly. Good song though. Going further back brings us a better one though. At least in my opinion. You decide.

And that’s it. Go out there and have a great day, friends!