I have been doing a lot of thinking about reversible versus irreversible processes. Unscrambling an egg seems difficult, but sorting out years of papers, boxes, underwear, and mysterious parts for objects unknown to get a small corner of non-chaotic space seems almost as much so.

Birthdays are a nod toward the usual increase in entropy, and today include a guy with ethereal interests; a guy whose name is synonymous with horrible TV and movies; a piece of shit who stuck us with even more pieces of shit; a cartoonist whose motto was, “What, me funny?”; the first victim of Godwin’s Law; the Private Pyle who didn’t shoot his sergeant; a sportscaster known for his biting commentary; a pretty decent composer and pianist; and a guy who always used a stunt double.

Now let’s get to Links.


“Now there is.”


Shocking. Shocking, I tells ya.


Your tax dollars at work.


This will convince people.


Some animals are more equal than others.


Here’s fun watching the twisting and turning to justify politically-approved  superstition.


Old Guy Music is one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs to play on guitar, but covered by… Pete Townshend???