Autumn Hillside (watercolor by SP)

One of the local wineries seems to have put us on the VIP list. This means trouble, and it will be worse when Spud gets here. Last night, I may, theoretically, have indulged a wee bit over my usual amount, and today I’m paying the price. But I can cook hangover food like a champ so… fuck, I’m tired.

But I need to keep moving to stay alive, so I’ll do my best. Birthdays are also on the move, and today’s include the prototypical cop shooting a kid; an example of when they did send us their best; the Krugnuts of his day; the guy who invented the hologram; the most delightful human to ever put on a football uniform; an exemplar of the banality of evil; a guy responsible for wasting even more readers’ time than Tom Clancy; an absolutely frightening lesbian; yet more banality of, well not evil, really, just banality; and a terrifically enthusiastic comic actor.

So that said, let’s see what Links bring us.


In the midwestern hierarchy, this ranks below slapping your knees, standing up, and saying, “Weeeeeeelp…”


I favor Britt. I want her working hard on.. errr… for me.


Whiny tech-averse Boomer is whiny and tech-averse.


The unasked question: if the climate is changing disastrously and ocean levels are threatening to wipe out huge parts of the US, why do Obama and Biden have beach houses?


Hiding in the basement is a valid campaign strategy. Ask Brandon.


Eight shot, one killed. That’s pitiful. These boys need range time.


Old Guy Music is from a band that is my guilty pleasure. This is a live version so you can really appreciate the amazing guitar work.