Good morning my Glibs and Gliberinas! And what a fantastically wonderful day it always is!


Bidenflation pushes producer-price index up 11.3% in June


Average American Family Has Lost $6,800 in Annual Wages Under Biden’s Inflation Administration


Biden’s top 68 appointees have just 2.4 years of business experience, analysis finds– including 62% with no private sector experience


Ivana Trump dead at 73


Federal Judge Sentences 69-Year-Old Grandmother With Cancer to 2 Months in Jail For ‘Parading’ in the Capitol on January 6


Republicans Demand DOJ Release J6 Surveillance And Police Body Cam Footage


AOC accuses Capitol Police of ‘opening the doors’ on Jan. 6


Bombshells undercut the ‘Big Lie:’ 21 confirmed illegalities, irregularities from 2020 election


Starbucks CEO explains why they’re closing stores


Mass Layoffs: Victoria’s Secret Is Going Broke After Making the Mistake of Going Woke


That’s all I got for today.  I’ll leave you with a song and move along with my day.