It’s a movie with subtitles and a Spanish poster. It doesn’t get classier than this, folks. Put on the gilded monocle for this one.

Punch the Clock 

There are good weeks, and there are bad weeks. The past two and a half weeks have been quite challenging. Wife has had nearly non-stop COVID. She tried Paxlovid when she first got COVID, all that did was delay the onset of symptoms and drag out the infection, endlessly. I have been sleeping on a couch for nearly a month. It’s giving me homeless flashbacks and crazy dreams. I am hoping she is finally done with COVID in a couple more days.

This week is a subtitled movie, Punch the Clock.  It’s about a giant anus who uses a time machine to enslave his office staff. And it looks good! If you try to find this online you’ll find: Another movie with this name, and an Elvis Costello album. Your chances of finding information this movie are pretty slim. I watched the first half of this film to verify it was worth posting – I will be watching the second half with you all.
Once again we are looking at a combination writer and director, which makes this a singular vision. These are my favorite kinds of films. The man behind this is Santiago Dellape (which LibreOffice tried to correct as “Dollop Ape.”  Insulting!). He has directed mostly short subjects and this movie. So this is his big step out! He is a veritable whippersnapper at the age of 44, so I hope to see more from him in the future.

I liked this film because the acting, cinematography and art style were just perfect. It blended together is a way you only get to see in movies where one person owns it all. By the 15 minute mark I was drawn in, waiting to see what happened next. I Early on I didn’t feel like there were any protagonists in this – the boss was an ass, and the staff were equally lazy asses. When he reproduced them and locked them on a vault to slave away, it was hard for me to feel sympathy for them. Damn! I have to stop giving away plot points. Normally I tell you nothing about the film but due to the above mentioned issues the past few weeks, my abilities to write have been compromised.
I am just going to be quiet now and let you watch with me. We will see what happens together! Exciting!

Next week I shall cleanse the art house taste from your palate with a Glib Flick After Dark film – BigFoot or Bust!  I haven’t even started it – I chose it just on the basis of the trailer. It will be the kind of sleazy, exploitative thing you all seem to like! Also the countdown will begin for the one year anniversary of this Thursday movie night series after BigFoot or Bust – 5 films to go!

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