Double your pleasure

The Astros took a doubleheader from the Yankees yesterday. F1 is in France (and practice is starting!) and the Browns have signed QB Josh Rosen for obvious reasons. And that’s pretty much it for sports. Man, the fall needs to hurry up and get here already.

This was crazy! I wonder if the rhetoric of his opponent drove the attacker? Well, we’ll never know because the media won’t sensationalize her words like they would if it was the other way around.

Diversify. Diversify. Diversify. I’m not a big fan of this, but what are you gonna do?

And the Ls keep coming. I don’t get it. First they say they don’t want to enforce the laws as written. Then the mayors of big blue cities complain about illegals clogging their systems after being transported there by Texas and Arizona.  Gee, you’d almost think they were hypocrites or something.

Bene-tard, amirite?

Consider your virtue signaled. Yawn. But the biggest problem is there will be in creased airplay of “Love Is A Battlefield” now. And that song was shit.

This is the future. Which would be fine if the city had cut everybody’s taxes when they made the cut. But I doubt that was the case.

Thanks a lot, Indiana. Your lazy cutlery laws must have caused this.

Turn right for unemployment.

I never even heard of this service. No wonder it closed down. Also, they need to start complaining about heavy-handed government overreach in their very own state or they’re not gonna make it at all.

This is an incredibly sad story. And I really don’t know if justice was served here. I’d enjoy a robust debate in the comments, as I’m sure there are several differing opinions on what should have happened.

Here you go. Haven’t played these guys in forever. So here’s a second one for you. Enjoy them both.

And enjoy this Friday and the weekend, dear friends!