Bigfoot or Bust

So what is this? A group of famous busty women get together and search for bigfoot, unaware that another group of busty women from the future are also looking for bigfoot. Hilarity ensues! This film is by Jim Wynorski. I talked about Jim’s career in a post about The Lost Empire, which was his first movie. As a reminder he is another wonderful 1980 exploitation film maker, responsible for such this as Chopping Mall and Forbidden World. This is one of his latest efforts which now means he has directed 107 films. By latest, I mean it came out on July 5th of this year! You can’t get much fresher than this.

So who is in this? You can’t have a celebrity girl group searching for Bigfoot without Celebrities! So who are they?

Note: There are a ton more women in this film. This is who I could get to quickly. Documentation is scant for this release, possibly because it just came out.

  • Rocky DeMarco/ Melissa Brasselle: Singer/Songwriter and Movie Star! Has been in 28 movies.
  • Becky LeBeau: Been in 46 movies including Rodney Dangerfield’s Back to SchooI, Joysticks (as Liza), Takin’ it All Off, and was one of the California Girls in David Lee Roth’s video of the same name. Was a co producer for tonight’s film!
  • Lisa London: 77 Films, Was Officer O’Hara in H.O.T.S., Laurie in The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood, also in Motel Blue.
  • Cindy Lucas: Was in Sharkansas Women’s Prison, Bikini Car Wash Massacre, and American Pie Presents: The Book of Love.
  • Gail Thackray: 47 films, and was also a co-producer on tonight’s film!
  • Christine Nguyen: Started in bondage films and then progressed to fine art productions such as what we are watching tonight, and Bikini Frankenstein.

RJ: Is there a reason I should be watching this if I prefer men?


There is a shirtless guy peppered throughout the film, named Paul Logan. He has been in 89 films, as an actor, stuntman and shirtless person. He is into martial arts, and I believe he was recently signed as an MMA fighter, but don’t hold me to it.

Additional Note:  It’s not the guy in the photo above.

Boy this was a hard review to piece together!  Next week I class up the joint once more with El Dia De La Bestia, which is absolutely awesome and I hope to see you all there. So watch!  Or Don’t!  Everything is Voluntary!

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