No dice, Rory.

Rory didn’t have enough left in the tank to hold off Cameron Smith. The Seattle Marinersa come into the All Star break on fire. The Trailblazers won something called a summer league title. I had no idea there was a summer league until recently, and it looks retarded. What’s the point in beating these guy’s bodies down even more than they are from a season-long grind? I don’t know what else there might be for sports. We’re deep into the dog days now. So I guess I’m moving on.

Crazy? Moi?

It’s never good when a “world leader” starts hitting the paranoia stage. Yet apparently here we are.  But never fear! The US government probably has somebody over their tapped as the next one to take over and be the poster boy for our proxy war. They just need to see how he tests out with Hollywood and the other elites who will have to keep peddling this bullshit.

Here’s your good guy with a gun. Which is why this story will be buried as quickly as possible. Or waved off by saying “but it they were illegal, nobody would have had one”. You know, because prohibition always works.

You reap what you sow. So when you sow a bunch of dumb shit like letting boys use girls bathrooms and teaching elementary school kids that their skin color defines them, you’re gonna reap a bunch of shit from their angry moms.

In a sane world, this would cause a bit of reflection from these idiots. We are not, unfortunately, in a sane world. So she’ll probably end up having to move because her being vocal is gonna prevent them from creating a narrative.

Warm up the choppers.

This just keeps getting worse. We’re gonna need a lot of helicopters if we’re ever to have justice for those kids and teachers.

Get your daily dose of scare-mongering. It won’t be long before they claim it can live on voting booths but not the ballots, therefore we need mass mail-in voting again.  And it’ll be reported as fact.

I can’t wait to see the movie. Although Clooney is getting a bit long in the tooth to pull it off.

This is a very bad sign. They’re all fat, lazy, and have no sense of pride.  But mark my words, the south will keep pulling its weight…which will ensure the divorce goes smoothly. (Yes that’s probably wishful thinking, but let me have it for the time being.)

Here’s some 80’s rock you might enjoy. Those guys were pretty damn good in the day. And the video is great. Here’s a second one from them to enjoy.

Now get out there and get the week off to a great start, dear friends.