NM is a foreign country

When I lived in New Mexico this was a constant problem. In fact, one time I said I was flying from NY to NM and someone asked me, “how are you getting in? You don’t have a passport.”





Aaaand I'm dead.

Aaaand I’m dead.


Art is up to interpretation

Art is up to interpretation


Might be my new thing, not gonna lie.

Bags made of cheese or bags in which to place cheese? The world may never know.


My books know the truth.

My books know me better than I know me.

So speaking of books, I’m currently reading the first of The Lincoln Lawyer series. And golly is it different from the Netflix series. I always love a good legal and/or police procedural (oh happy day it was when l0b0t introduced me to Law & Order), so I devoured the first season of The Lincoln Lawyer in about a day and a half. The first book is, thus far, significantly better. (Cue the shock and awe)

There are entire characters missing in the TV series. One of those characters is Hieronymus Bosch, who doesn’t even exist in the Netflix adaptation. Amazon’s ownership rights of the Hieronymus Bosch character prevented The Lincoln Lawyer series from being properly developed. I am curious, however, as to how Michael Connelly managed to license two characters to two different studios. I would’ve loved to be in on those meetings and see how that was negotiated.

Anyway, back to the nonsense.


This one is for l0b0t

This one is for l0b0t


Owl party, any one?

Owl party. My place. Stat.



I shared this with my staff. One of my managers said she’s going to start giving out my number so I can do this.


She's a cute.

Definitely my type.






What thought process lead to this?

What thought process lead to this text?


OMWC trolls scammers

OMWC trolls scammers


Looks legit

Looks legit

What is colourism? 

Watch Bob audition for The Office.


This was probably shared, but man is it awesome.