Good morning my Glibs and Gliberinas! Grab that coffee, waive to that co-worker, and enjoy another wonderful day and the links!


Biden Administration to Sell 20 Million More Barrels of Oil From Strategic Petroleum Reserve


Natural gas hits highest level since 2008, on pace for best month ever as Russia cuts supply


FBI analyst who labeled Hunter Biden evidence ‘disinfo’ linked to next Durham case


Cassidy Hutchinson’s Texts Nuke Her J6 Committee Testimony


‘Ghost Soldiers’: The Pentagon Lost $232 Million Trying To Pay Afghan Forces


In major policy speech, Trump calls for treating cartels as terror groups, relief for homeless


4 Potential Outcomes of the Twitter Versus Musk Trial


Russia to Quit International Space Station, Go It Alone


Florida Files Complaint Against Bar that Held Lewd Drag Show for Children


Homebuilders are boosting incentives as they suddenly struggle to sell homes


Brooklyn bishop robbed during sermon at gunpoint of more than $1 million in jewelry


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