For some reason, this song seems appropriate for today.



LOCKDOWN REGIME SELF-OWN: Despite all the locking down, indoor masking, and mandatory vaxing, New Zealand COVID cases skyrocket. And what are they doing about it? You guessed it, doubling-down on the stupidity, hysteria, and control-freakery. Loathsome PM Jacinda Adern should have committed seppuku over this, but is apparently incapable of feeling shame.



NOBODY TO LIKE HERE: Sexual harassment like this is wrong, full-stop. Calling out a politician on her abortion policy is totes legit, and it would have been far more effective had he stuck to that since she now, legitimately, gets to play the victim card.



THE BANALITY OF EVIL: NYT Opinion piece – Please Laugh About My Abortion. While it is unproductive to shame women who have had abortions, celebrating and laughing about your abortion just pushes normal people into believing that you are part of an evil Moloch-worshipping death cult. The cringe illo doesn’t help.



WAPO WHITE HOUSE “BURO” CHIEF IS CLUELESS: “Pretty stunning that Biden heads to Saudi Arabia without explicitly promising to bring up the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi to MBS [Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman], the man who ordered the bone-saw dismemberment of a Washington Post columnist.” Quick refresher: Khashoggi was a Saudi national and died at the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul, where he went of his own accord. An alleged Qatari asset, Khashoggi was known for his frequent, public trashing of the Saudi royal family. The Saudis postponed Biden’s trip, originally scheduled for June, and many speculate that was because the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia tweeted out about pride month. You do not publicly embarrass these people, particularly if you need something from them.



HONOR, HORROR, WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? “Biden says we must bear witness to ‘honor of Holocaust’ in shocking gaffe.” Shocking in its horripilation, but not surprising at all given the obvious mental decay of the man.



PLEASE LET THIS BACKFIRE: So, the Houston government will pay you fifty dollars (well, an unspecified gift card in that amount) for fifteen minutes of work making a fake pistol out of wood and a length of pipe. Since private firearms transfers are legal in Texas (h/t Sloopy), hopefully people will show up with pockets full of cash and buy any decent, working firearms from people waiting in line.



KIT OF THE WEEK: “Tonio, why your links always so nut-punchy?” You asked; we listened. Starting this week we’re going to feature unique, non stress-inducing (except for the price) kits for building fun stuff. Kicking off this endeavor is the PP-1 Pencil Precision kit from Bridge City Tool Works which contains everything you need to manufacture pencils in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Perfect for tinkerers, fidgeters, tool fetishists, and fans of Leonard Reed.



HOT NEW DANCE NUMBER: I can’t remember whether this (auto-play warning) delightful dance video has been officially linked here before, but it’s just so good. I particularly appreciate the aerial move of camo shorts guy, who definitely has it going on.