Yes, the ‘vid is back, and everyone except our fearless leaders and the media are ignoring it. I choose to ignore it also.


This is better.

I give you the “[REDACTED] Estate at Glibs Gulch”. The Glib community in Alfred NY has increased by one on a part time basis. Guest rooms are available.




The WHO goes apeshit over the Monkeyvid.


I’m pretty sure this is known as July?


“The President had Cream of Wheat with butter and brown sugar for breakfast. He licked the bowl clean.”


This is for OMWC. One of the greatest movies ever made.


I really don’t have a problem with this.


This is fun. I scored 11/15.


On a sad note: Many of you know about my dear wife’s Early Onset Alzheimer’s. Last Sunday evening, she finally, stubbornly, let herself go. She was ever her father’s daughter. Her long suffering is finally at an end, which is a good thing.

Hug your loved ones often.