Place your bets!

The Open is underway. The Blue Jackets make a soplashon day one of free agency. The Blue Jays should be forced to play home games in a more civilized place. Unless The Whole “bodily autonomy” thing is bullshit.  And we still don’t know what’s going to happen to Deshaun Watson.  And that’s it for sports.

This will certainly be an interesting case. I doubt it stands under the “no duty to assist” rulings in the past. But if it does, then maybe those cowards in Uvalde can have the book thrown at them for the cowardice they showed while those kids were being murdered.


Oh, sweet Jesus. When will this kind of insanity end? And how far will the pendulum swing the other way?

I wonder how many celebs will speak up about this? Based on their past, none will have anything to say about the guy…until he makes another movie and they applaud it.

Damn, that’s a lot of money. ::Looks out window at a nice size lot on the lake…looks at mortgage…laughs hysterically::  No wonder they’re flocking to other states.

Silly man

This is gonna be a circus. And I, for one, can’t freaking wait for discovery.

This should have been done a long time ago. But they already accomplished their goal of getting a huge number of people to pump that mrna garbage into their bloodstream, so it’s a bit late for most.

That did’t last long. Also, FTA: Tonal is headed for a period of austerity, hoping to become “a self-sustaining business with an emphasis on profitability,” according to the company statement. Uh, maybe you should have employed that mindset from the start.

This guy is unqualified for the job. He’s not even an EdD!

Getting back to the 80s today. What a fantastically goofy song. And here’s another for you. Enjoy them both, fans of the greatest era in music.

End enjoy this blistering hot Thursday.  Stay cool, friends.