Adios PGA. Hello money!

Bubba Watson is off to LIV. The Biden admin has offered to trade a Russian arms dealer for Britney Griner and Paul Whelan. Seb Vettel is retiring at the end of the year. And There’s nothing else to talk about in the world of sports. Moving on.

Uh, that’s not how a cease and desist letter works. If it was, every person accused of a crime would sue investigators for defamation and that would be that.

“Here’s my crazy card.”

Amid all the crazy in the world, I’d forgotten about the craziest bastard of all. Not that he’s really going to do anything, but he has been out of the spotlight for a while thanks to Putin.

Manchin rolls over on the boondoggle. I wonder what pork he got to make the deal happen, because this goes against everything he’s been saying for the last year.  Also, this bill will do nothing but fuck the economy up even more.

This is a hell of a shakedown. I can’t wait to watch this trial seeing as the case is basically meritless, as a theme park is not a public accommodation and those suits make it hard to see.  But there’s always a shitbag lawyer willing to take any case. I’m just surprised it’s not Ben Crump filing it.

“Hello, I’m the Big Guy. No wait, I’m not. Wait, who am I again?”

“That’s just a coincidence. Move along.” But what a hell of a coincidence, right? Of course I had to get all the way to the NY Post before I saw this being reported. Because of course I did.

What happens when the company with the worst service in an industry merges with the company with the second worst service? I believe we’re about to find out how bad it can get. (Typo that was pointed out in the comments has been fixed.)

Strange this keeps happening in San Francisco. You’d almost think it was a shithole people no longer want to live in since they got the chance to work from home and moved away during the covid times. Also, what employer just lets its staff tell them they’re not returning? Letting them tell you when and where they’ll work seems crazy to me.

Not all billionaires are evil. Some of them spend their money on good things.  I don’t know much about Dunn, but I do know Farris Wilks personally and professionally, and he’s (and his brother Dan) done more for the community where he lives than just about anybody I’ve ever seen. He’s a quirky guy but he’s also a principled guy who hates big government.

Jam out. They were one of the best bands of a generation. Now enjoy this second masterpiece of a song. I’m gonna listen to them all day now.

Right, that’s it. Go have a great day, friends!