I have noticed in the comments a number of people listing their would have, should have, could haves when it comes to working out. There is always a reason not to work out. I’m not here to beat up on you. I’m here to get you to address what’s stopping you from doing something for yourself.

The place to start, is with David Goggins’ first challenge. I know some of you feel Goggins is too harsh. *Waves to Tulip.* I agree that’s true at times. But for this challenge, Goggins is tasking you with being honest with yourself about yourself. It’s all in service of doing better for yourself.

Goggins’ first challenge (from his book) is this:

Challenge #1 – What are the current factors limiting your growth and success? Break out your journal and write them all out in minute detail. Don’t be bland with this assignment. I showed you every piece of my dirty laundry. You will use your story, this list of excuses, these very good reasons why you shouldn’t amount to a damn thing, to fuel your ultimate success. For some, it may mean logging onto social media, posting a picture, and writing out a few lines about yourself. If that’s you, use the hashtags #badhand #canthurtme

I don’t advocate posting this sort of thing on social media but to each their own. I do advocate finding a quite time and place and doing the exercise. This is between you and yourself. Be completely honest. Really root through your memories and feelings. What is limiting you? Age? Injury? Current weight? Bad past experience? Lack of athleticism? Whatever your answer or answers are write them down. Don’t share them in the comments. This is for you. You need to know your real reasons.

That’s enough introspection for today. Friday night I got to see Steel Panther live. Jeebus H. Koresh that was a good time and just what the doctor ordered. There is a kind of magic being with a couple of hundred people who get the joke and enthusiastically do the call and response with the band. [Editor’s Note: a photo essay article on the concert is forthcoming.]

This week’s music.