The Lord Of The Rings

Bill Russell has passed away at the age of 88. Dude was a baller his whole life. Houston took 3 of 4 from Seattle after getting swept by the lowly Athletics (and sweeping Seattle in 3 games before that!). The season is feeling like a roller coaster. Looks like the Deshaun Watson decision is coming today. Not sure what to expect, but the statement put out by the NFLPA makes me think it’s going to be a soft penalty. An amazing press conference turns 10 today. Max Verstappen won from 10th in Hungary, and I’m starting to wonder if the Ferrari team is being run by morons. That’s it for sports aside from me mentioning that I spent the entire weekend driving at Circuit Of The Americas and that it was an absolutely amazing experience that I want to replicate as often as possible. It’s an amazing track and a treat to get to drive at speed. Right, now on to…the links!

Good lord, you people need to get a grip. If you don’t see how this could possibly foster more research, then you’re too stupid to be digging up bones.  Private funding is where it’s at, not being paid by governments. Embrace it.

This story says a lot. And it pisses me off that the media have driven so many people to a perpetual state of panic over something that’s less likely than being struck by lightning.

Christ, what an asshole.

And herein lies the flaw of tenure. This dude is obviously unhinged and incapable of doing his job. He should have been fired. Instead, the taxpayers were forced to give him money.

I don’t think this story will ever die. Anybody that thinks there was a good guy in this case is crazy.  He still deserved to win, but man is this guy ever an entitled weirdo.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, apparently. This dude sounds as weird as his son. A Woody Allen-level creep .

This is how you do it. A similar government program likely would have cost a few million dollars and gotten the backpacks to the kids some time in March. Well done, private sector. Well done.

I hear Washington and Oregon are nice. Unless you want to leave your state’s shitty politics at home, please opt for somewhere other than Texas.

He must have lived close to somebody.

This reasoning seems flawed. “Health experts say college students living in close proximity to each other could spur outbreaks.” Uh, you’re gonna have to get a lot closer than that, guys.  A whole hell of a lot closer. Guys.

What an absolutely lovely song. The video is straight cheese though. And here’s a masterpiece. One of the 10 best anti-war songs of all time. Even if I disagree with it.

Anyway, enjoy them both. And enjoy the start of another fantastic week!