Serena is about to pull the plug on her tennis career.  ManUre are acting like they’ve pulled the plug on the season after just two games. Houston are surging again, as the Yankees falter just a bit in the chase for best record in the AL. And I think that’s about it for sports so I’ll move on to…the links!

Put up or shut up. I reckon what they consider a “threat” is anything but an actual threat. Also, every single federal employee’s name should be in a directory that’s easily accessible by every person in the country, as should their office address, work contact information, and name of their immediate supervisor. They’re out employees, not our rulers. They need to be treated as such.

Enjoy some payback for 1812, Limeys. I’m just messing. This is fascinating, actually. I suspect the government won’t realize they caused this themselves by spiking property taxes and driving locals out.

Well what did you expect after naming it the way you did? This whole situation stinks. Especially for the locals.

These are still rookie numbers. We need to pump them up to 10, 20, even 50x the current numbers. Start chartering planes. Start buying out passenger trains. Think big. Also, this response is hilarious.

Uh, its a game, guys. A kids game, no less. Fucking idiots.

This guy’s on trial again? It seems like yesterday he was sent to prison for a long time.

“Well……….we’re waiting!” With apologies to Judge Eliud Smails.

This will be an interesting case. Everybody in that chain of command has been relieved and she never reported anything to superiors. But  from what I can tell, there were enough signs that something should have been done anyway.

Haven’t played these guys in a while. Maybe because they’re so polarizing. Well, fight it out in the comments. But first, listen to this song(s).

OK, that’s it. Go have a great day, friends!