The Million Eyes of Sumuru 

One of the things I need to do to increase equity around here is play a movie with a strong female lead. Maybe one that wears bikinis, smokes and crushes men’s necks between her thighs. Yes, that sounds about right. Equity achieved!

So what is this about? I kind of summed it up above – strong women wish to take over the world, killing one world leader at a time while wearing bikinis or miniskirts. Can anyone stop them? How about the snarky duo of Frankie Avalon and George Nader! And they are snarky! Proto Glibs, perhaps?

This movie is NOT a singular vision of a director and writer. It was directed by Lindsay Shonteff at the legendary Shaw Brothers studios, which partially explains the bright colors and lavish sets. Shaw Brothers did sets right. This is a fun, beautiful spy film with wise cracking leads. Fun the whole way through. While you watch it, look for this trivia, which I stole straight from IMDB:

“According to director Lindsay Shonteff in a 1994 interview, Klaus Kinski had numerous ideas for unusual behavior exhibited by his character President Boong, including that whenever someone entered a room where he was he would climb out from underneath a huge pile of cushions and that whenever he was talking to a pretty girl an abnormally long tongue would emerge from his mouth and try to lick her face. Sadly none of these made the final cut, but if you watch carefully you can see his tongue starting to come out in some scenes.”

Enough talk. We are winding down a year of movies posts and rapidly approaching the one year anniversary post for Glib Flick. How close?  After this we have Three Films To Go. I am still traveling around Colorado as this posts – when I get back the next film will be Cute Little Buggers!  So Watch!  Or Don’t!  Everything is Voluntary!

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