Thursday night NFL football is completely unwatchable.  Yet people keep tuning in.  I tapped out at halftime and from what I understand, I made the right call.  Oh well, the baseball playoffs start today with four games.  And there’s some good college football this weekend as well. And the Japanese Grand Prix. And a decent slate of NFL games (on the day it’s supposed to be played). So it won’t be too difficult to get the taste of TNF out of my mouth.  And that’s sports.

I’m not so sure this is doing any good. How about holding a summit? How about not saying anything? How about doing pretty much anything in the world other than saying shit like this? I swear, this dumb bastard’s handlers are gonna get us into WW3 in order to maybe hold on to the House and Senate during the midterms.

Hold her in contempt!

This is a good start. Now they need to race it through the courts and strike the whole piece of shit down. And send a warning to the state that any further attempts to undermine their rulings will result in contempt charges.

Well this is good news. Now if we could just convince people to stop engaging in risky actions that are known to cause human spread, we’d be all set.

But they’re saving the environment! Back in the days of Ralph Nader, these would all be taken off the roads due to this small risk. But I hate that asshole, so I won’t tout his ideas here.

Holy shit, this is HUGE! Which is why it won’t be reported on anywhere other than the Daily Mail.

No prize for you!

How could they snub the Z-man? I guess they figured he had enough money from what the US has dumped in his lap.

Third verse, same as the first. This is gonna continue as more and more investors realize these businesses are failing and overvalued. I feel bad for their workers, but this correction is long overdue.

Way to play to the stereotype, dude. Thanks a lot, dipshit.

Common sense prevails (temporarily). Just because you’re free from discrimination doesn’t mean you can flop your dong out in the ladies room, guys.

This group brought out the best in every member. Way better than their solo or other band stuff, in my opinion. And here’s their masterclass. Enjoy them both.

And enjoy this lovely Friday and beautiful weekend.