First things first – I called this the “Chinese Evil Dead” in last weeks’ movie comments.  Clearly it is the Japanese Evil Dead.  I cannot blame this racist mis-speak on IMDB, I can only blame it on my drunken blatherings. Forgive me, or don’t.  I’ll still keep stinking up Thursday nights.

Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell

Short Feature: The Beer Parade

The short this week is a very, very rare cartoon.  I thought of it because we just wrapped up Octoberfest, and this particular cartoon is about as celebration of beer post-prohibition*. Technically prohibition came back later in the form of the war on drugs. Things to note:  This cartoon is so rare, it had not been seen for 70 years prior to this shaky video.  The only video of it is this one, shot by some drunk with a cell phone**. Why is this so? Why is this so rare? Prohibition is shameful and should be taught as such to every school child.  This should be mandatory viewing for school kids. Discuss in the comments!

On to the movie! This film is amusing, the special effects verge on Halloween haunted house quality, and this is best viewed with a beverage. Look, this movie is great!  Hopping severed arms on strings, bloody zombies, the whole nine yards. I hope you enjoy!

So watch!  Or don’t!  Everything is voluntary!  Next week, I have some real gems from the 1980’s to choose from:

  • Mad Foxes: Hot rods! Nazi bikers! Vengeance!
  • Wheel of Fire: Mad Max apocalypse-style feature with now-vintage cars, surplus jeeps, ninjas and… womenfolk! With guns!

What are you in the mood for next week?  Let me know in the comments.

*I refuse to capitalize prohibition, that gives it some kind of importance, as if it was a good thing. If the lefties can play with the English language so can I.

**Not me. Some other drunk.

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