Well, maybe not (((everyone))), especially if they’ve ever read any Jewsdays. I’m heading up to Buffalo again- last time I was there, I met the Mayor-For-Life. Where do I go from there? And yes, another inside joke to that photo. Ask me in about a month.

Speaking of months, there are, of course, birthdays today, including a less horrible Barbra Streisand; a more horrible Jen Psaki; the sci-fi version of SugarFree; a less horrible Herblock; a guy whose work was pretty cute; the greatest hypnotist of all time; the greatest Jewish rock guitarist of all time (and I could argue dropping “Jewish” as a limitation); a guy who, if it weren’t for What About Bob, would be a sure-fire guarantee of an awful movie; a leech who is likely a Packers fan; a guy whose voice is his fortune; and an exceptionally hot Jewess.

On to Links, and then I’m on the road.


Useless quack leads Pus Purse.


Someone broke Roseanne Barr’s record for Worst National Anthem Performance.


I have a date today. I sent her this link in advance.


Wait for it… wait for it…. there it is: Trump’s fault. Whew.


We’re all gonna die and there’s nothing we can do to save ourselves! It’s always just a few years away.


But Clouds!


Hilarious. The grifters don’t even try to pretend.


Old Guy Music features a composition by a birthday boy and a lesson on how drums should be played.