Finishing strong

The Braves have won the NL East, and all the playoff matchups are now set. Aaron Judge broke the AL homers record. Verlander probably locked up the AL Cy Young after a masterclass in pitching. The Suns owner is about to learn a lesson in the repercussions of one’s actions. (Only it’s not the lessons you might think.) And across the pond, Liverpool actually managed to win a game. And the rest of the UCL matchups proved to be interesting, with another full slate today.  And that’s it for sports.

For once the majority is correct. Although they probably should have added “covid insanity” to the list as well as “adult-influenced psychosis in children” for the lulz.

The Constitution is not racist. It is colorblind. And should remain so. The right to decide districts is distinctly a state’s right, and the VRA infringes upon that right. It’s time for that provision to go out the window, in my opinion.

He’s gone

“That’s some fine police work there, Lou.” It’s the fucking Keystone Cops at this point.

“Why can’t they just report our propaganda?” says doddering old man, irate that someone would dare ask him to explain himself. Jesus, does he want us to be more like China or Russia?

Ye gonna Ye

Wait, are they saying that white lives don’t matter? I’m confused at their pushback. And I’m laughing at his effective trolling.

The reaction to this was hilariously predictable. I think maybe the cops should have kept their methods quiet until they got a break in the case.

“See, everything is going great!” I wonder why Philly wasn’t near the top, since these people aren’t living in the real world.

Well…….good. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

And it’s on again. I hope it comes true this time. I want to see the heads explode when he starts allowing more speech on the platform that’s been banned the last few years.

Going back to the early days for these guys. I loved their early stuff. But they kicked ass a few years later too. Enjoy them both.

And enjoy this fantastic Wednesday, dear friends.