Let’s travel way back in time, with a couple of video projects some guy made in high school.  The first was made some time around the release of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, which came out in 1999. I think it was shot before the movie actually came out, so xey may have been in middle school instead. But I’m no biologist historian.

This ‘film’ was shot with a barrowed Hi-8 camera in a garage using found items to create sets. The actors (one of which fanboys may recognize) were all just younger kids that wanted to participate, because no one this creepy guy’s age was interested in film making. There was no script, and the video wasn’t even edited into anything semi-coherent until 15 years later.

The other piece I’ll share today was made for a high school project of some kind that this random mouth breather did. The other 2 ‘actors’ are terrible and the quality is down-right horrendous, but this freak does a good bad British accent (Xe could probably be a pretty good voice actor if Xem weres given a chance) and there are some sparks of decent satire if you dim the lights enough. Also, check out those glorious side burns! Also shot on the same shitty Hi-8 camera. I believe the editing was all done ‘in camera’, which means it was all shot in the order it appears here. Also, since then I’ve seen this sold as a legitimate product by another name.

(If these look familiar, I believe they were actually shared in one of my very first articles here)

(at some point soon I’ll put something in the forum about how you are all invited to invade my tiny town in May 2023)