So, I have some things to say, and a couple of questions for the Glibertariat.

First, the main thing I want to say:

Thank you.

I started writing articles for this site because I saw a lot of articles on Tacticool shooting irons, which is fine, but I wanted to get in some comments on some other firearms as well.  That led to a series of articles on guns, then on the various misadventures of my Allamakee County youth (which were slightly embellished to make them more entertaining) some straight out fiction, and then, on to my current spate of “lyrics-inspired fiction” bits.

Upshot is, because of all this and because of all of your reactions to my scribbling, I’ve kind of got my writing mojo back.  I’d been in a slump for several years, partly due to family issues, partly due to being drawn into my consulting business.  But thanks to the motivation I’ve picked up by entertaining all of you, something in my creative brain has picked up the pace, and once again I’m finding more time to write.  So thanks, to all of you, for that.

Now, the questions.

What would you like to see more of?  I’ve about shot my bolt where Allamakee County is concerned, although there may be one or two more stories there.  But there are many other options.  More non-fiction, on guns, outdoor stuff, and so on?  More straight fiction?  More lyrics-inspired stories?

If I go the fiction route, what would you prefer there?  Science fiction?  Alternative history?  Contemporary fiction?  Historical fiction?  I haven’t written much in some of those genres, but I’m always open to challenges.

As for what’s coming next:  I have a fairly long piece of fiction I’d like to place before you all.  It’s a novella I wrote some time back, and I haven’t decided what to do with it; then I realized, “I should let the Glibs read it first!”  I think I can present it in about ten installments.  It’s also my first shot at writing fantasy – think swords-and-sorcery, when I know has been done to death, but I think I put a slightly different spin on it.  So, I hope you all enjoy that.  Once that’s done I’ll be looking over your comments and suggestions as to what to do next.

Thanks again for reading, thanks again for all the feedback.  You folks are one of the few reasons I still have any faith in humanity.  I figure on keeping this up for as long as the Glibs exist.  So stay tuned – you ain’t seen nothing yet!