Good morning my Glibs and Gliberinas! Grab that coffee, wave to that co-worker, and enjoy another glorious day and the links!


Biden to continue depleting US oil reserves as OPEC slashes production


Biden Avoids Midterm Campaign Trips Amid Plummeting Favorability


Biden burned more than $5 billion in taxpayer funds on new COVID-19 shots hardly anyone wants


Gasoline Prices Keep Climbing, but Retail Gas Station Margins Plunge, With Many Now ‘Under Water’


Housing brought to its knees by the Federal Reserve


Americans see ‘most severe’ pay cut in 25 years due to inflation


Supreme Court vacates controversial Massachusetts gun control law


A Republican Is Leading The Governor’s Race In A Deep Blue State


Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Stopping Gender Transition Services At Children’s Hospital


Trump Could Be Back On Twitter By Midterms Under Elon Musk’s Deal


Twitter employees eye the exits after Musk takeover


LinkedIn Billionaire Behind ‘Good Information Foundation’; Group Accused of Election Meddling


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