This is known as a shameless plug.

Coming to you live! From Glibs Gulch. Hangin’ with OMWC, WebDom and l0b0t. I’m here on one of my regular trips, and was informed ahead of time that February is much better than March. So far, I’ve been enjoying the same unseasonable warm weather that I left. Works for me.


Links anyone?


Hey! Did you know the President is senile? When you’ve lost Maureen…


Hey! Did you know that Kanye is a bipolar Jew hater?


Herself smells an opportunity.


There are bad flights, and then there are bad flights.


Can we just get it over with and get our SMOD now, please?


Fani got more splainin’ to do. If she’s disqualified, her whole office is disqualified and the case is done.


That’s good enough for today.

On this day in 1940, “In The Mood” hit the top of the charts. War was waging and people were looking for some happiness. We could use Glenn today as far as I’m concerned.