So the Taylor Swift show is on tonight, but unfortunately will be sporadically interrupted by some football game. Spud is in town, so WebDom, l0b0T, Tomb Raider, and I will be gathered over at his place to see if we can consume sufficient intoxicants to blot out the proceedings.

It’s an amazingly packed day for birthdays, so I’ll have to skip many that I’d usually comment on, but will not skip one of the most prescient, brilliant, influential, and not generally known scientists of the past few centuries; the older version of Mickey Rooney; a guy who cursed us with several more generations of imbeciles; my favorite Martian; Jethro’s dad; a guy whose fame was a dead end; a guy who thought he was Jack Kennedy; a guy who actually gave me some culinary training; a guy whose name wasn’t Shirley; the least interesting castaway; a guy who proved that pineapple =/= swinger; an actor who was actually an interesting human; frontman for one of my favorite prog bands; one of the dumbest people in the Senate, where there’s a lot of competition; someone you shouldn’t shake hands with; Animal’s favorite politician; a chick with famous nipples; and a guy who really walks the fine line between hilariously entertaining and stark raving nuts.

OK, speaking of nuts, here’s some Links:


On the one hand, there’s a good argument to be made for the US stopping most foreign aid and getting out of organizations like NATO. On the other, there’s always the stupidest way of making that argument. Gripping hand, Trump will inevitably make the stupidest argument. Get ready for President Harris.


Of course, the argument for getting out of the UN and telling them to take their hideous building with them is self-evident.


She’s desperate, he’s stupid.


At least I’m not retarded enough to live in Idaho. /gives Spud a side-eye.


Yet another reason why Team Red is every bit as stupid, anti-free-market, and authoritarian as Team Blue. This fucking moron wanted to be president?


If Team Blue did this, half the party would be gone.


Let’s be honest, the dude is as senile as Biden.


Maybe the Old Man was feeling a touch melancholy. Maybe the Old Man was just feeling old. Whatever. Last Days of Prine was somehow appropriate.