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Everything is chaotic now. Everything. Our café is torn up for construction. My house is filled with half completed renovations. The puppies are taking over everything. Our politics have turned into a long acid trip, and Jill and Hunter are clinging desperately. Well, I’m happy about that last one…

There’s an unusual number of notable birthdays today, including a guy with a stained reputation; a guy whose music wasn’t as bad as it sounds; the finest libertarian novelist to ever walk the Earth; co-author of the greatest cookbooks in America; an insanely talented pitcher who deserved better; the original #metoo girl; half of the best husband-and-wife musical team ever; the most underrated drummer ever; and a guy who would always tell you when it was going to rain.

And in the spirit of Chaos, let’s see what we can link, shall we?

I’m not laughing- half our instruments at the university still run off these. I have to explain them carefully to the Z and Alpha kids.

The obsessive Jew haters have transitioned into objects of pity.

Note the British catch-and-release strategy.

I rant a lot about how government has taken over science, which has vastly constrained honest inquiry. So I was amazed when this article appeared (TL, DR: Every government action during the COVID panic was ineffective). Until I got to the end. Self-funded. #dismantletheNIH

When Hakeem Jeffries is your party sage, you have a pretty low IQ party.

Hey, Frankie, when did Catholics get a chance to vote for you?

That’s how every election here feels to me.

Since I’m in a chaos mood, what better than for the Old Guy to listen to some of the most controlled and deliberate chaos ever committed to tape?

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  1. Ted S.

    co-author of the greatest cookbooks in America;

    Happy birthday Damon Knight!

    • Toxteth O'Grady

      Cookbooks should come with small samples, or at least scratch-and-sniff stickers.

      • Common Tater

        My mom has a book on textiles that does.

      • Yusef drives a Kia

        Scratch and sniff fabrics?

      • UnCivilServant


        I’m trying to write a cookbook, and I can’t offer either of those.

  2. Grosspatzer, Superstar

    Bizarro man is going to deal with bomb threats? That didn’t work out so well on the DC universe.

    State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro (D) posted on the social media platform X, thanking law enforcement for their “courage and professionalism.”

    In another post, Bizzarro said he said he is “tired of the foolery and unhinged behavior” and said he hopes they “find this menace.”

    • R.J.

      That means he loves the bomb threats and hates the police. Makes sense.

      Does he have a square head?

      • Chafed

        Would you be surprised if he did?

      • R.J.


  3. R.J.

    Ryan Bizarro is a great punk rock lead singer name. It’s a terrible politician name.
    Makes sense he’s a democrat.

    • Suthenboy

      One of these days I am going to make a list of the leftists whose names I am convinced are the inverse of their character. Josh Earnest? Really? There are a bunch of them I just cant think of any others off of the top of my head. They are like actor’s names…made up as a behind the back middle finger to the voters.

  4. Gender Traitor

    Needz moar ackshual puppy pics! (And sorry about the hullabaloo all around you!)

    I’m not laughing- half our instruments at the university still run off these.

    ::narrows gaze suspiciously:: Are those the REALLY floppy disks – the ones that really flop when you shake them – or are they the so-called “floppy” ones that are too small and stiff to properly flop?

    • Old Man With Candy

      We have both. And yes, it’s fun to explain to the young ‘uns why the rigid 3-1/2″ disks are called “floppies.”

      • slumbrew

        I’ll be perversely impressed if you’re still using 8″ floppies.

      • Gender Traitor

        For even more impressive obsolescence, I’d be willing to bet we have some Zip drives and/or Jaz drives lying around somewhere here at home. 🙄

      • ZWAK came for the two-fisted tentacle-fighting, stayed for the crushing existential nihilism.

        Something tells me that, at his age he very used to floppies.

        /seriously folks, low hanging fruit…

      • Timeloose

        Did you tell them, take your 3D printed save icon and put it into its home slot.

  5. rhywun

    That’s how every election here feels to me.

    Far rightists in the mist. “zOMG what is going on?!”

  6. The Late P Brooks

    Epidemic outcomes following government responses to COVID-19: Insights from nearly 100,000 models

    Aaaaand done.

    • Sensei

      I didn’t RTFA, but I assume that means Monte Carlo simulation iterations.

      • Old Man With Candy

        RTFA. It’s actually a pretty well done set of data-based modeling scenarios. Which is one of the few things you can do without grant support or government cooperation.

        “We used daily data on 16 government responses in 181 countries in 2020–2021, and 4 outcomes—cases, infections, COVID-19 deaths, and all-cause excess deaths—to construct 99,736 analytic models. Among those, 42% suggest outcomes improved following more stringent responses (“helpful”). No subanalysis (e.g. limited to cases as outcome) demonstrated a preponderance of helpful or unhelpful associations. Among the 14 associations with P values < 1 × 10−30, 5 were helpful and 9 unhelpful. In summary, we find no patterns in the overall set of models that suggests a clear relationship between COVID-19 government responses and outcomes. Strong claims about government responses’ impacts on COVID-19 may lack empirical support."

      • Common Tater

        I’d say something is wrong when “cases” and “infections” are different.

    • Gender Traitor

      As I’ve mentioned previously, getting the Real ID license is REALLY fun when you’ve changed your last name twice due to marriage – especially if you never bothered to get your own copies of the marriage licenses. 😵

    • Suthenboy

      Dumb Interviewer: “Why do they keep pushing for measures that make voter fraud easier?”
      Interviewee (I want to say Sowell but cant remember for certain) : “Because they want to commit voter fraud.”

      • The Gunslinger

        Dumb interviewer: So why doesn’t the GOP do something to make it more difficult to commit voter fraud?

        Gunslinger: Because the GOP wants to be able to commit voter fraud when they need to.

      • R C Dean

        In AZ, nothing was done by the GOP legislature and governor after the 2020 elections because election security was associated with the Trump wing of the party, and the TPTB in the AZ Republican Party hate, hate, hate Trump. The Repub running Maricopa County elections donated to an anti-Trump PAC, for example.

        So they did nothing, and lost every statewide race that matters – Senate, Governor, AG, and Secretary of State.

      • ZWAK came for the two-fisted tentacle-fighting, stayed for the crushing existential nihilism.

        Yep. You can see the very same thing play out in England right now with Farage.

      • juris imprudent

        England is exceptionally strange, Labor got barely over a third of the vote and yet a Parliamentary landslide.

      • Suthenboy

        Gunslinger and Dean: Good point and par for the course. We are where we are today not because good men have done nothing but because we lack good men.

      • The Last American Hero

        But Trumps totally gonna carry Az this time?

    • DEG

      I’m holding out as long as I can without a REAL ID driver’s license.

      • R.J.

        I wonder if REAL ID is mandatory for the new ammo vending machines.

  7. The Late P Brooks

    How the world ends

    In the run-up to this week’s NATO summit in Washington, POLITICO and the German newspaper Welt embarked together on a reporting project to assess how the world is preparing for Trump’s possible return to the White House; reporters for both publications interviewed more than 50 diplomats, lawmakers, experts and political strategists in NATO nations and elsewhere. Many of those people were granted anonymity to speak about sensitive matters of diplomacy and international security.

    What emerged from this reporting was a picture of a world already bending to Trump’s will and scrambling to inoculate itself against the disruptions and crises that he might instigate.

    In many respects NATO member states feel far more confident of their ability to handle Trump than they did when he first came to power seven and a half years ago as a total amateur on the world stage. That is in part because these countries are laying the groundwork now to manage his political resurrection.

    “Gee, I wish we had one of them doomsday machines.”

    • Suthenboy

      “…disruptions and Crisis he might instigate.”
      For Euroweenies that means he will demand again that they pay their own way.
      Most people in this country pay the majority of their money into govt coffers and mandatory spending. I become enraged when I see the rest of the world using us as a piggy bank.

  8. Q Continuum

    “Anti-Israel activists”

    Can we just be accurate and start calling them Nazis?

    • Drake

      No. The National Socialists were a home-grown pro-European movement. Their xenophobia was against non Europeans. This is the opposite.

      The attacks in the UK are by unassimilated foreigners with old grudges. They are the future rulers of western Europe. I noticed the article didn’t release names.

      • Chafed

        OK, OK. We can call them wannabe Nazis.

  9. The Late P Brooks

    But the Russian threat is all the more terrifying for Europe because of Trump’s ambivalence about NATO’s commitments to collective security. The former president has railed openly against defense-spending laggards in Europe and elsewhere, venting frustration that so much of the world counts on American taxpayers to foot the bill for foreign security needs. Earlier this year, Trump said he would give Russia free rein to “do whatever the hell they want” to NATO allies that do not meet their defense-spending obligations.

    In a June speech, Trump deplored the ongoing stream of American money into the war effort in Ukraine. “It never ends,” he railed.

    It’s fun fun fun ’til Daddy takes the T-bird away.

    • Grummun

      “do whatever the hell they want”

      A phrase in quotes means Trump literally said those exact words. I’m too lazy to check, but did he really? I’m guessing not, or at least not in the suggested context. I assume this is another “fine people on both sides” moment.

      • Yusef drives a Kia

        He said they need to pony up or why bother saving you? If you won’t save yourself

    • Homple

      The “Russian threat” to Europe is nothing compared to EU immigration policies and the Net Zero insanity.

      What would Russia get out of ruling The Camp of the Saints anyway? If the Russians are smart, they will build a big beautiful wall to keep out migrants from the wreckage of Europe.

      • Drake

        This. This isn’t 1400 when the conquered land and serfs can be granted to loyal nobles and increase the wealth of the kingdom.

        Taking a big swath of Europe would create insurgencies, expenses, and headaches.

      • Q Continuum

        Agreed. While I do think that the invasion of Ukraine is deplorable (the value of Western investment in that conflict is a debate for another day), there is zero evidence that Putin is bent on “conquering Europe” or “reassembling the Soviet Union”. He’s a power-hungry realist who saw continued NATO expansion as a threat to Russia (again, the debate on the validity of that interpretation is for another day).

      • rhywun

        It’s all ga$lighting bull$hit across the west and I’m pretty sure the voters are starting to catch on.

      • juris imprudent

        Funny how no one considers Spain or Italy a grave threat – unless it is Catalonian separatists or Meloni. Yet that is where the Russian economy ranks.

    • Drake

      The white knight cuck that jumped into the situation needs a thorough beating.

    • Sensei

      Coming from a background with friends and family who are attorneys. Fucking lawyers. And my favorite kind, litigators. None of that shit show shocks me.

      I’m also not sure what he hopes to accomplish with this arguably friendly piece against all the other shit out there that accurately portrays him as not a great person. Not that I’m suggesting if I got handed that shit sandwich I’d do any better.

      • Q Continuum

        I’m sure he’s likely a major d-bag; of course the main tragedy is the effect on the kids.

      • Sensei

        Yup. The positive impact on children I’ve seen when divorced mom and dad can be civil with each other can not be overstated.

      • Toxteth O'Grady

        Oy, family law. Simple yet complicated. Surprisingly traumatic. The ER of civil law.

      • Toxteth O'Grady

        (Really educational though.)

      • juris imprudent

        She was a consiglieri on ethics to Gov. Cuomo, that just says it all.

    • Old Man With Candy

      This is Nuland’s war, straight up. Thank you, President Obama!

    • Chafed


  10. cavalier973

    “Hey, Frankie, when did Catholics get a chance to vote for you?”

    As I understand it, the pope is picked by a flock of birds.

    Probably some weird late Roman Empire era rule that hasn’t been updated for centuries.

    • Dr. Fronkensteen

      And the laity chooses by the power of exit. Meaning they can choose to support the church by attending or not.

  11. The Late P Brooks

    Abandon ship

    In the hours after Biden sat for a 22-minute interview with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, more than half a dozen Democrats in Congress described Biden’s political situation in stark terms including “heartbroken,” “doomed” and a “f—–g disaster.”


    Separately, a Democratic lawmaker who previously endorsed Biden told NBC News that they will be breaking their silence on his political future “soon.”

    “It made me sad,” the lawmaker said of Biden’s interview. “Completely out of touch with reality and insulated from truth.”

    I’m still not convinced they have a practical alternative. Watching the entire political establishment self destruct will be fun to watch.

    • Homple

      “Completely out of touch with reality and insulated from truth.”

      So how is Biden different from the rest of the ruling class?

      • The Other Kevin

        The problem they have is that anyone who replaces Joe will still be a Democrat. Biden’t senility is a big issue, but remember he’s losing big on all the important issues (economy, border, energy, law and order, foreign policy). Those are all Democrat policies, not Biden policies. Do you think Newsome is going to close the border and scale back on green energy? Do you think Harris will do anything different from Biden, other than not being as old?

      • Fourscore

        The congress people are such cowards, they don’t care about Joe or the Demo party. Their biggest concern is their own re-election.

        If they had an ounce of moral courage they would resign their own positions. If you don’t like the boss you hand in your resignation.

        Very simple, who hasn’t done that? Isn’t that what quitting means? No handshake, not even a goodbye.

      • ZWAK came for the two-fisted tentacle-fighting, stayed for the crushing existential nihilism.

        Alsotoo, they are caught in their own DEI machinations. Harris is possibly the worst politician in history, proof that fucking your way into politics and failing upwards due to sex and race is of very limited utility. But, the D’s cannot get her out of were they put her; she has far too much of a voice that can say “look at these racists trying to force a black woman out.” And, poof, they are stuck with her.

    • Drake

      They made their beds and shit in them. Could have had Tulsi or RFK, wanted a puppet instead.

  12. PieInTheSky

    As Bucharest is going through weather hell, how the fuck do people in Arizona survive this shit? I can assume it is impossible to drink red wine or whisky there. do they even sell whiskey in Arizona or is it pointless?

    • Old Man With Candy

      These are definitely indoor-only activities there for about 8 months of the year.

      • PieInTheSky

        can’t be dome even indoor. there is not enough AC in the world.

      • PutridMeat

        8?!?! 2, maybe 3.

        Obligatory: But it’s a dry heat. Except those 2 months.

      • Gustave Lytton

        Right now humidity is lower in Bucharest than Phoenix.

    • Gustave Lytton

      Fuck yeah they sell whiskey in AZ.

      It’s survivable thanks to a marvelous invention, apparently banned in Europe, called air conditioning.

  13. Gustave Lytton

    Floppies? Let me know when the fax machines go.

    • Sensei

      My Japanese friends go rid of theirs about 5 years ago.

      OT Glenn and Friends broke down and decided to do sponsorships. YouTube’s push to low money shorts pushed him to do it.

      • Gustave Lytton

        Oh, I missed that. Haven’t been watching in a bit.

        I hate the shorts being pushed. It’s all clickbaitery trying to capture views, which drive up the counts and YT helpfully promotes.

  14. Evan from Evansville

    Ryan Bizarro. Well. Ya can’t go wrong with that. I semi-appreciate he’s just gone w it. (Might as well.) Captain Beafheart… I *strongly* approve. Might need to listen to Safe as Milk on my jaunt as dear missy, currently in Sauk Centre, MN, should be giving me a ring. She detests that place. I think Sinclair Lewis did, too.

    Last day off before ‘med’ training begins. Bro’s gone and I’m cool to drum over there as I wish. This is a welcome change as I don’t have to interrupt three young nephews, the misses and their separate businesses. Should be interesting.

  15. Common Tater

    “New York has introduced a new AI robot called ElliQ, to help combat loneliness among its senior residents with around 900 being handed out over the last two years. This voice-activated robot-companion has been distributed for free to elderly adults as part of an initiative led by the New York State Office for the Aging.

    ElliQ features a small screen and a separate device resembling a head, which can swivel and light up when it speaks. Unlike other voice-activated devices like Amazon’s Alexa, ElliQ can initiate conversations, and is supposed to be a more interactive experience, according to the New York Times. ”


    • Suthenboy

      No one thought to get them a dog?

  16. Common Tater

    “Antifa organizers behind a bookfair at the West Asheville Public Library in North Carolina that turned violent have released a statement defending reported assaults that took place against Jewish attendees, including an elderly man with cancer.

    The altercation occurred on June 29 at the Another Carolina Anarchist Bookfair (ACAB) when Monica Buckley began livestreaming the event. She attended the event with two others, David Moritz, 54, and Bob Campbell, 79, who were victims of the alleged assaults when they occurred.

    Antifa organizers of the bookfair released a statement on July 3, describing the incident as a “planned disruption by individuals with extreme, genocidal beliefs who have publicly called for the suppression of solidarity with Palestinians.” The organizers claimed that both Buckley and Moritz’s presence at the event was an attempt to “sell a false narrative that the Another Carolina Anarchist Bookfair is an antisemitic event.”


    • Toxteth O'Grady

      Commence Adam Carolla’s newest rant.

  17. The Late P Brooks

    “Nobody move, or the nigger gets it.”

    The Gateway Development Commission has said it can’t repair the existing tunnel (which has two tubes), until the new one is built.

    That’s despite a 2020 consultant report published by the agency that found the old tunnel could be repaired on nights and weekends without fully shutting it down — similar to how the MTA fixed the L train tunnel.

    That led critics — including the Daily News editorial board — to allege Gateway officials were putting off the fixes to justify the historic federal funding for the project, which is the most expensive public works project in the country.

    Gateway spokesperson Steve Sigmund said the commission disagrees with that assessment — and that he couldn’t “answer the hypothetical of what happens if the existing tubes need to be shut down prior to the new tunnel opening.”

    If you think service sucks now…

    • UnCivilServant

      Just seal off the tunnel and don’t build any more.