Sounding the Glibhorn

As we have made clear from the beginning – this site runs off content from all of us. The Shadowy Figures That Run Glibs post much of the content – but we could not get by without the contributions from all of you, the Glibertariat. We’d like to push the amount of content a bit, and thus we are calling on all of you who have thought, “Huh, I should write something up on [subject].” DO IT! Lash your typing orphans, give extra bananas to your infinite number of monkeys with typewriters…whatever it takes to share something which means something to you.

“Easy for you to say! How in the heck do I even get something published here?”


How To Submit

If you look at the top of our page, you will see a link titled “Leads/Submissions.” When you click it, this will pop up:


Write your elevator pitch and click “Submit to the Glib Editors.”

As for preparing your first file to send in (when we say “thank you, plz send”):

We’re pretty flexible. Microsoft Word documents, Google-docs, PDFs, Notepad docs, or just copy and pasted into an email–we have handled at least one article in each of these formats before.

If you’re savvy enough to embed the pictures you want into your own post, go for it! We try to preserve as much of what is submitted to us as possible, including formatting. If not–hey, that’s fine, too. You can see some of us are pretty big on images, and we’re happy to supply our own (plus alt-text). If you have pictures you want us to use* but you’re not sure how to do all that fancy tech/formatting stuff, we can work with that. Label your pictures clearly, make note in your post exactly where they should go, and be sure to send the images in the same email as you’ve sent your proposed article.

You can apply the same idea about labeling to image captions and alt-text. For example, if you put the following line between two paragraphs in your article: “Image 1” goes here; caption: words that mean things; alt-text: more words that mean things, you can expect we will grab the picture titled “Image 1” that you submitted with your article, we’ll embed it on that line, and we’ll caption and alt-text it as you indicated. Easy, right?

What’s In It For You?

Mostly, a little fleeting glory and acclaim from your fellow Glibs; the chance to share something about which you are passionate; the possibility of getting something off your mind and out on the page where you can examine it; and the opportunity to forge stronger connections with all the wacky denizens of

Also! If you contribute two or more articles which we run, SP will upgrade your site user status so that you have your own byline (instead of Guest Contributor) and the user bio from your dashboard will show in the author box at the bottom of your articles. You’ll be GlibFamous!

So, what are you waiting for?

Ready? Set? Submit!

*Please note that pictures should be free to use; so you’ve taken them yourself or the owner of the image is fine with it being used without their being remunerated for it, or even, perhaps, given credit. Two good sources for images: and


Looking for a comprehensive how-to draft your subsequent articles in WordPress? Read Tonio’s excellent post on the topic. Working with WordPress: A Guide for Glibs Authors


Fine Print