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Sounding the Glibhorn

As we have made clear from the beginning – this site runs off content from all of us. The Shadowy Figures That Run Glibs post much of the content – but we could not get by without the contributions from all of you, the Glibertariat. We’d like to push the amount of content a bit, and thus we are calling on all of you who have thought, “Huh, I should write something up on [subject].” DO IT! Lash your typing orphans, give extra bananas to your infinite number of monkeys with typewriters…whatever it takes to share something which means something to you.

“Easy for you to say! How in the heck do I even get something published here?”

How To Submit

If you look at the top of our page, you will see a link titled Leads/Submissions When you click it, this will pop up:

Write your elevator pitch and click “Submit to the Glib Editors.”

As for preparing your first file to send in (when we say “thank you, plz send”):

We’re pretty flexible. Microsoft Word documents, Google-docs, PDFs, Notepad docs, or just copy and pasted into an email–we have handled at least one article in each of these formats before.

If you’re savvy enough to embed the pictures you want into your own post, go for it! We try to preserve as much of what is submitted to us as possible, including formatting. If not–hey, that’s fine, too. You can see some of us are pretty big on images, and we’re happy to supply our own (plus alt-text). If you have pictures you want us to use* but you’re not sure how to do all that fancy tech/formatting stuff, we can work with that. Label your pictures clearly, make note in your post exactly where they should go, and be sure to send the images in the same email as you’ve sent your proposed article.

You can apply the same idea about labeling to image captions and alt-text. For example, if you put the following line between two paragraphs in your article: “Image 1” goes here; caption: words that mean things; alt-text: more words that mean things, you can expect we will grab the picture titled “Image 1” that you submitted with your article, we’ll embed it on that line, and we’ll caption and alt-text it as you indicated. Easy, right?

What’s In It For You?

Mostly, a little fleeting glory and acclaim from your fellow Glibs; the chance to share something about which you are passionate; the possibility of getting something off your mind and out on the page where you can examine it; and the opportunity to forge stronger connections with all the wacky denizens of Glibs.com.

Also! If you contribute two or more articles which we run, SP will upgrade your site user status so that you have your own byline (instead of Guest Contributor) and the user bio from your dashboard will show in the author box at the bottom of your articles. You’ll be GlibFamous!

So, what are you waiting for?

Ready? Set? Submit!

*Please note that pictures should be free to use; so you’ve taken them yourself or the owner of the image is fine with it being used without their being remunerated for it, or even, perhaps, given credit. Two good sources for images: https://unsplash.com and https://pixabay.com

Looking for a comprehensive how-to draft your subsequent articles in WordPress? Read Tonio’s excellent post on the topic. Working with WordPress: A Guide for Glibs Authors

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  1. Juvenile Bluster

    I don’t know shit about anything except for corporate and securities law, and that’s boring.

    • SP

      I’ll bet there is a way to make even corporate and securities law intere…oh, you may be right! 😉

      Seriously, I bet there are many aspects to it that non-lawyerly types like me would find fascinating. History of regulations/law; ramifications/compliance issues for businesses/economy; etc.

    • RAHeinlein

      I have seen posts from you re: SCOTUS decisions – would love to hear your insights on recent/pending decisions.

      • Juvenile Bluster

        Hm. Maybe a good idea. Later this week I’ll put something together reviewing the session from a libertarian perspective, and cases to look forward to in 2019. Janus should come out tomorrow, or otherwise i’d start on this today.

      • mikey

        Yeah, had a division president disappeared seems he was moving bookings up to meet his numbers. Would be interesting to see how much stuff Herself got away with that an evi capitalist couldn’t.

    • Lachowsky

      I could do an article on how to wire a three phase motor starter. In wye or delta configuration. That may be of limited value though.

      • Florida Man

        You could do an “ore to product” article on steel or some other insider look. I would read it.

      • MikeS

        Lach and I have talked in the past about a two-parter; Him doing ore to dimensional steel, me doing steel to finished good. I’d still like to do it, but “stuff” always seems to get in the way.

      • Florida Man

        That would be epic.

      • egould310

        Would definitely read. Then, in the comments, I would link to a bunch of punk rock songs with “steel” or “forge” or stuff in the title.

      • Lachowsky

        In all seriousness, I got really pissed off after getting pulled over last year and managed to hammer out an article on the 4th amendment. I’m bo writer, but they published it and ya’ll seemed to like it well enough.

      • mikey

        Was trying to figure that out this weekend. Looking to put a kiln in the garage.

    • The Last American Hero

      Borrow a few pics from Q to go along with your article, and nobody will complain.

    • Chipwooder

      I’ll go you one better – I don’t know shit about anything but DMV policy. I care about you all much too much to subject any of you to that.

    • Pope Jimbo

      Uffda. This is the first time I am truly disappointed in the Glibs here. How on earth was the first reply not “Fuck off Slaver!”? I’d even accept some snide comment about having to enact people’s labor.

      I’m not saying we shouldn’t help out around here, but fucking Juvenile blows an empty net goal?

  2. The Other Kevin

    A byline, huh? I had an article posted a while back, and I have 2-3 more ideas floating around. Time to finish those off.

    I really like that we’ve had at least one non-links article per day lately. I’ve learned some things.

    • SP


      • Q Continuum

        I dig the new avatar.

      • MikeS

        I think she’s doxing TrshMnstr

      • SP

        Thank you. Not that I am thinking of hitting that delete key for *this* site. (Usually.)

      • But Enough About Me

        Moi aussi.

  3. Lord Humungus


    • SP

      We’re so glad you enjoyed yours! STEVE SMITH sure did!

      • Lord Humungus

        How do you think I get my STEVE SMITH material? ::winces::

      • Swiss Servator


      • But Enough About Me

        “Ewwwwwww, gross!” /vapid teenager

  4. Q Continuum

    I’m currently bouncing around a couple ideas, one philosophical and serious, the other puerile and salacious. I think I know which one this crowd would prefer.

    • MikeS

      I assume the second one, but I don’t know what those words mean!

      • Pope Jimbo

        puerile and salacious

        I think it is something about the right type of hand sanitizer to use after getting that fancy southern red chip dip on yourself.

    • SP

      I really like your serious contributions. I will confess that the appeal of some of your others are lost on me.

      • Q Continuum

        Heh. Serious one it is!

      • RAHeinlein

        Seconding SP on this. I really enjoy your serious posts and typically share with others.

      • Ted S.

        Wait until you hit puberty.

      • Florida Man

        I say one of the ladies/bears counter with beefcake pics. Fight fire with Fire I always say. Then again I do have several 3rd degree burns.

      • Florida Man

        Oh no, friend. You’ve burned me on a work computer before. I’ll click when I get home.

      • AlmightyJB

        Um. Don’t bother.

      • Pope Jimbo

        Why is his rod retracted? That isn’t normal.

      • But Enough About Me

        Holy crap.

        My wife would kill me and bury me in the backyard for a turn at that guy.

      • SP

        He looks gay to me.

      • Pope Jimbo

        That is the main attraction for Mrs. Enuff. No more having to put up with being pawed at when you just want to go to sleep.

      • OneOut

        The instructions above clearly state that contributors should insure they have the right to use any pics submitted.

        No one asked me if they could post a pic of me here.

    • Spudalicious

      How about an article that is philosophically puerile and salacious?

  5. MikeS

    I sure hope there’s nothing important in the “Fine Print” text, because we all know how people are about clicking on links around here…

    • Florida Man

      Why won’t it read!

      • Florida Man

        Also, I’m strictly drinking aeropress this week for research purposes, so hopefully next week I can do a write up.

        *collective groan*

        Hey! You get what you pay for.

      • Ted S.

        Hold my aeropress?

      • Florida Man

        Unfortunately coffee just sobers me up, so not as entertaining.

    • DEG

      I read it all. There’s nothing in it about STEVE SMITH.

  6. CPRM

    Sure, submit an article, they say. It’ll be a blast. That’s how end up in an airvent without your shoes.

    And also, whens mah next cartoonz gonna be up?!

    • Swiss Servator

      The more you ask, the later it will be, mister!!!

      • Florida Man

        FM wife: If you don’t know why I’m mad, I’m not telling you!

        FM: *confused face*

    • Swiss Servator

      Oh, not publishing enough of your stuff lately, are we?

      *glances over recent entries, glares at CPRM*

  7. Gilmore

    i’ve started and never-quite-finished a half-dozen things. i will try and wrap some up this month.

  8. gbob

    I have plenty of free time, sadly.

    If the comics one didn’t work for you folks, perhaps I should do one on the bull shit of many “craft” distillers, buying their ethanol from a plant in Indiana.

    • Florida Man

      I know whistlepig got some heat for getting their juice from Canada, so they introduced Farmstock. Honestly it doesn’t bother me as long as I like the finished product.

      • gbob

        Look, I don’t mind. Distilling is hard…and expensive.

        I just want you to put on the label if you actually made the hooch or not.

      • MikeS

        Agreed. Some (High West) are much better at it than others (Templeton).

      • Florida Man

        Agree. Farmstock still isn’t 100 percent Whistlepig, but they list the percent/lot number on the back now. I like that they listened to their customers and made a change.

    • Raston Bot

      ^that sounds interesting

    • Tres Cool

      If you meant Poet BioFuels, I used to do their boiler testing.

    • MikeS

      I like most of the LDI (they have a new name I am forgetting right now) sourced whisky’s, but I still think this would be an interesting article.

    • Bobarian LMD

      buying their ethanol from a plant in Indiana.

      I’m assuming Lawrenceburg, since a lot of big companies get their squeezin’s from there as well?

      Bulliet Rye, for instance.

  9. The Hyperbole

    I’m way behind in putting the wraps on the ‘Homebuilding” series, I’ll make myself do that this week.

    • Riven

      **Cracks a whip off in the distance**

      • The Hyperbole

        I assumed this post sole purpose was the editors’ subtly telling me to finish the damn thing already.

    • Bobarian LMD

      Building a home in a week seems like it would turn out a little ramshackle?

      • The Last American Hero

        Ty Pennington disagrees. But he never had to live in those homes.

  10. Trials and Trippelations

    Hmm I’ll keep an open mind but it seems my hobbies are better understood and covered by other glibs

    • Trials and Trippelations

      If y’all are ever in need for the what are we reading I can help out

  11. Drake

    How To Submit

    I’d rather die with my honor.

  12. Urthona

    I’m lazy and just come here for the jokes.

    • MikeS

      That’s what she said!

      • Urthona

        Oh snap!

  13. Yusef drives a Kia

    I have something fresh in the works, I’m still not Sure what happened to all the Alt Text from my last Slab City article, it vanished along the way.
    And OMM still has some submissions out there, I think they are OK, but the Overlords…………….

  14. wchipperdove

    Heck, I always thought that you guys always had a few weeks’ worth of submissions already queued up at all times – that is, that you were already buried in content. I guess that’s not the case.

    • SP

      Depends. But we are toying around with adding an evening post every night, so we could stand more submissions.

      • RAHeinlein

        Glib Drunk Bus post?

      • DEG

        Can we be pretend drunk for it? I really need to cut back.

      • Myshkin

        Quitters never win

  15. jesse.in.mb

    Nah. There’s usually a few things in the pipe, and the editors will occasionally get slammed. If we’re thin, we’ll hector someone in-house to write something interesting.

    • Trials and Trippelations

      I saw you went to Slovenia. Did you go to Lake Bled? I love that area

      • jesse.in.mb

        Not this time. I was there in 2007. Even in November it was a fairytale fantasyland. Lljubljana to Piran by bicycle. The whole trip was gorgeous, but not Bled gorgeous. Two couples were on the same itinerary as us and they started in Bled, rode to Ljubljana and then did the same route. It’s not a group tour, but you’re paced by the hotels that they plan out for you, so we ran into them for lunch and at castles built into caves and whatnot.

        I’d enthusiastically recommend the mode of travel. Slovenians are waaaay better at handling cyclists on the road than most places I’ve been, it’s a beautiful part of the world and things are relatively cheap even though they’re on the euro.

      • Tundra

        *snaps fingers*

        Hey! That would make a great article!! 😉

      • jesse.in.mb

        I’ll title it “Hey suckers, I have an internet-wide audience for my vacation slideshow”

        I’m unsure why but I can only find about half of the photos I already post-processed on the road. I shoot RAW (I swear to Perun, do not fucking make the joke you’re going to make), and SP will actually murder me if try to upload un-processed .cr2 files onto her server. Redoing them would be…disheartening.

      • Tundra

        (I swear to Perun, do not fucking make the joke you’re going to make)


      • Brochettaward

        I have an internet-wide audience for my vacation slideshow

        My imagination is running wild, and not in a good way.

      • jesse.in.mb

        Eh, I wasn’t creepshotting Italians in short shorts on the shores of the Adriatic in Muggia or anything. Most of my pictures are karst caves, castles built into karst caves, rivers running out of karst caves with ruined chapels sitting precariously on them and forests in valleys created by the collapse of…karst caves.

        There’s also a picture of a horse burger…but it’s literally a sandwich of horse meat, not any kinda gay slang (telling people I was excited to put some hot horse meat into my face in Slovenia made people surprisingly uncomfortable.

      • DEG

        Most of my pictures are karst caves, castles built into karst caves, rivers running out of karst caves with ruined chapels sitting precariously on them and forests in valleys created by the collapse of…karst caves.

        So…. they’re a cool set of pictures?

      • Sean

        Castles & caves pics?

        Yeah, I’d like to see them too.

      • Trials and Trippelations

        I got a new passport instead of doing real ID. When the second our newborn gets older that sounds like a great trip for the wife and me!

      • jesse.in.mb

        Oh, I have no idea if that’s going to be an issue for me. I wonder if I can just use my CBP border crossing card…I mean it’s a government issued photo ID. Fat lotta good it did me crossing into one of the smaller land crossings in ND last August.

      • Trials and Trippelations

        This year is the crack down year? I think

      • jesse.in.mb

        I need to check when I need to reapply for Global Entry. It makes going to LAX *significantly* less awful. Maybe I’ll ask the CBP chaps if they need me to reinterview.

      • Gustave Lytton

        Not sure what you mean by CBP border crossing card. Both passport card or Global Entry/NEXUS cards are acceptable for TSA ID checks. Incidentally all three should be valid for entering via land.

  16. Semi-Spartan Dad

    I’ve kicked around these ideas. Interest in any?

    – Easy setup generators
    – Security Cameras
    – Taking back control of your pet’s medications
    – Cord cutting
    – A middle-ground look at the current vaccine schedule

    • Urthona

      What’s an easy setup generator?

      • Semi-Spartan Dad

        Propane generator with an interlock. Powers your house through your breaker box, safely and legally, using a single cord. Propane stores indefinitely, doesn’t require waiting in 30 car lines at gas stations, and is safer to store.

        Well, there’s pretty much the article.

      • Tundra

        That would be very interesting. How big of a tank?

      • Urthona

        How much do they cost and how long does the power last?

      • Semi-Spartan Dad

        7000w continuous, 9000w peak Champions are about $500. These are dual fuel, allowing either gas or propane.

      • Semi-Spartan Dad

        It uses 20 lb tanks. You get about 6 hours at a 50% load. With LED lights and alternating power to fridge and furnace, I can stretch a single tank to 1 or 1.5 days. So 2 or 3 grill-sized tanks would last most people through 99% of power outages.

        If you have a propane pig, you can power your whole house for a few weeks. That’s the next step I’m looking at, but is probably overkill for most.

      • Tundra


      • Sensei

        I have an ancient briggs and stratton for which I have a home made natural gas conversion dual fuel carb. Problem is it pulll start and not electric. It’s a bear to start on NG. Much easier on gasoline.

        If I were starting fresh I’d seriously consider ponying up for an inverter based generator with electric start. Leave the battery on a maintainer and have at it. Especially with propane I’d want the extra 20% to 40% or so efficiency. Honda or Yamaha aren’t cheap, however. Naturally there are cheap Chinese clones, but not what I want to have to depend on in an emergency.

      • Urthona

        What if the person installing it is — hypothetically — a complete idiot? How difficult is it to set up?

      • Gustave Lytton

        Any competent electrician should be able to add an interlock breaker to your panel along with a generator inlet. I was having my ancient panel replaced so had it done at the same time.

        Basically it prevents you from connecting your generator to commercial power.

        Aside from that, it’s starting a motor similar to any other outdoor power equipment & plugging in a cable.

    • But Enough About Me

      Generators, security cameras, cord-cutting. Would (read, that is).

      • AlmightyJB

        + me

    • MikeS

      Yes, Please
      I guess

    • RAHeinlein

      Middle-ground look at the current vaccine schedule.

    • Semi-Spartan Dad

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see about making some pitches to the overlords.

  17. Brochettaward

    I can do an article on how to get bodily fluid stains out of various surfaces and materials.

    • Trials and Trippelations

      If my orphans can’t figure that out they get a beating and no gruel. Problem solved

    • AlmightyJB

      The main thing is to destroy the DNA. Use bleach.

      • Brochettaward

        Bleach can destroy DNA, but still leaves a trace of its own. I’m casting pearls before swine. You’ll never have my 10 weird tips to erase your DNA from any kind of surface. Fuck you all.

  18. Trigger Hippie

    I’ve been lazily working on a piece about repealing The Reapportionment Act for about a year now. Need to wrap that up soon. Of course, my complete lack of writing talent and general laziness keeps getting in the way.

    • Swiss Servator

      Of course, my complete lack of writing talent and general laziness keeps getting in the way.


      Hasn’t stopped me.

  19. BakedPenguin

    I am almost in a position to reboot Secret Nazi President as a video series, although I am going to have to 1) look for a job and 2) make sure I could do so without spending asswads of cash.

  20. Brochettaward

    I’m not sure where I’m supposed to be commenting right now.

    • Trigger Hippie

      Right behind Paul.

    • jesse.in.mb

      the whole of the law shall be do what thou wilt (provided it doesn’t anger SP)

      • Swiss Servator

        Who can, may. Unless SP nukes you, or the entire site.

  21. Grumbletarian

    This is a libertarian or lib-adjacent website, therefore I would expect a discreet donation to someone’s bitcoin wallet to be a part of any submission process here.

  22. mikey

    I was thinking it would have been clever if you’d called this post “Call for Papers”. But then I realized many of us would reflexively just delete it as corporate spam.

    • AlmightyJB

      Or sent in some EZ Widers?

      • egould310

        Zig Zag white papers.

      • KSuellington

        Zig Zag doesn’t make good papers. Smoking or Raw make nice papers.

      • The Bearded Hobbit

        Clubs FTW

  23. robc

    I have 5 articles in planning…1 I have actually started. I need to finish that one up.

  24. DEG



    I had a gun article I was working on, but I grew to hate working on it. I put it aside and never got back to it.

  25. LT_Fish

    Did we have any folks here already doing their own 3D printing? I know it came up periodically at TOS. I’m really getting amped again watching these vids.

    Her tweets the last few days are actually surprisingly subversive – which does seem weird coming out of China – and after the last controversy we discussed last night. ie. https://twitter.com/RealSexyCyborg/status/1011132432014348289

  26. KibbledKristen

    I have one in the works – kind of an ideological white paper. But it’s all still in my head, because I’m a shitty writer.

    • KibbledKristen



    • KibbledKristen

      I’m-a use this gif if I ever write the thing

  27. Mustang

    I’ve brainstormed and discarded several articles because, quite frankly, I am not sure I’m smart enough on a subject to write about it. Researching it would fix that, duh, but this has been a weird time for me.

    If anyone needs inspiration, I’d like to see more gun articles (specifically about more modern firearms) and maybe some how-tos on self-reliance as it relates to…well…anything. Maybe I’ll just take a stab at some of these things. I’ve only recently started getting into guns and my own arsenal is very limited, so it wouldn’t be worth much.

    • Don Escaped Texas

      I’ve often looked at statistics for marksmen and home-loading as a topic for an article here. Then I think about how to write the article, introductions to distributions and probability, the supporting mathematical proofs, cool diagrams, cute relevant anecdote, and a practical example if-then calculation. Then I decide: just give them a rule of thumb.

      Shoot four rounds into a target in whatever condition A and range B you wish.
      Measure center-to-center on the widest two shots: W.
      Double that measurement: 2W.
      If you shoot another 26 rounds into that same target in condition A at range B, the center-to-center on the widest two shots once you’re done will be 2W.

      The end.

      PS: I am not a boob guy

      • Mustang

        I would be interested in a home-loading for beginners article.

      • Suthenboy

        I can fix that right up. 40 year reloader here. Well over a million rounds under my belt.

      • Mustang

        That would be great! I’m always trying to find ways to be more self-reliant.

    • straffinrun

      Not smart enough? Have you seen the rest of the internet? I always figured I had an IQ, but just had the bad luck of continuously running into or being related to dummies.

      • straffinrun

        Average IQ* See? I’m a smart one.

      • Mustang

        Not smart enough for the rest of the commentaries 😉

      • Mustang


  28. Nephilium

    I think I’ve got a couple more half finished board game articles, if people are still interested in that kind of thing. And there’s a piece in the works about a BIF.

    In unrelated items, anyone have the link to gbob’s podcast about comics? Going on a road trip next week, and it sounds like something the girlfriend and I will both appreciate. Related to the road trip, I’ll be in Louisville and Nashville over the first week of July.

    • KibbledKristen

      Love to hear your thoughts on Agricola – that game stresses me the fuck out. So many decisions to make in one move.

      • Nephilium

        I’ve only played it a couple of times, so I don’t feel qualified to really write anything up on it.

        Probably the newest game that I’ve been enjoying a lot is Azul, a nice little abstract that plays 2-4 players nicely. Topiary is a nice little filler game that’s come out recently as well.

  29. Waterfall Insurance

    Ive been wanting to write something besides another movie review but I haven’t really had any good ideas or much time. It make take me awhile to find the time but I would be willing to research anything, I don’t really have any interesting hobbies, expertise or interests to draw upon.

    • RAHeinlein

      I enjoy your movies reviews – funny, insightful, and utilitarian. My only criticism – less wall of text, but I can cope.

      • Waterfall Insurance

        Thank you and Sorry about that, they don’t seem as long when I write them in word, I need to get more used to pacing and formatting things for a website and not a school essay.

      • RAHeinlein

        I’m old – my eyes, not so good!

  30. Waterfall Insurance

    Is anyone going to do something Rose Wilder Lane related? I think HM was talking about that the other day.

  31. Suthenboy

    Articles I have sketched out:

    Timber industry and land management planting to harvest
    Philosophical foundation for liberty (not the NAP)

    I have half a dozen more but half-way through realized they were better done by others or just hit a dead end.

    • Suthenboy

      toying with the idea of building a cannon, that could be a fun one.

      • OneOut

        My cousin from Orange has a cannon that looks to ge about 6 inches at the barrel.

        He fires it off every new years.

      • slumbrew

        Man, these euphemisms…

    • Gustave Lytton

      Well crap. Was following articles sequentially from the right arrow navigation and didn’t notice this one is stickyed.

      Anyhoo, posted to the H&H-

      Video of the knife wielding dine & dasher. Russian tourist going nuts in the humidity?

      • straffinrun

        That’ll work. Thanks. The guy looks white, but who knows. The Restaurant is called “Fireworks”.

      • Gustave Lytton

        Ok, his nickname is “Hana-blade” then.

  32. KibbledKristen

    Totally OT, but just now I had to get my gun for the first time. Someone was trying to unlock my door, and then was knocking, then trying to unlock it again. Likely someone at the wrong door (12 units in my building, in a complex of identical buildings) and not a robber, but fuck me. My arms are jellified.

    • straffinrun

      Robert Downey Jr. dodged a bullet. That is freaky. Time for a tipple to chill the nerves, eh?

      • KibbledKristen

        A tipple of some kind or other, for sure. Jeezus.

    • mindyourbusiness

      Kristen, don’t blame you for getting nervous. Stay calm as you can. Hope you’re armed with a shotgun. Someone breaking in will get a good look at the business end of a 12-gauge and leave in a hurry. Or if they make the wrong choice, not at all.

      • KibbledKristen

        It’s a hand cannon Taurus Judge that my ex “recommended” (i.e. he wanted to shoot it). I’m not great with long guns, but I’m definitely gonna look into more “comfortable” handguns in the near future.

      • Count Potato

        For home use I’d recommend a full-frame 38 revolver.

      • mindyourbusiness

        I’ll go along with the Count. Either that or, if you’re interested in a semi-auto, something like a Beretta Px4 Storm.

  33. mikey

    Late-afternoon thunderstorm. It pouring like mad on the house behind us. We’re getting nothing. Cool

  34. straffinrun

    I’m thinking about writing The Libertarian Case for Hitler.

    • Waterfall Insurance

      We already get the links every day.

  35. Count Potato

    I like just being a common tater.

    However, I have worked worked as an editor. So if any of you who have started writing an article got stuck, I’d be willing to help.

    • straffinrun

      Might take you up on that, if that’s cool.

  36. straffinrun

    Trump at a rally for the South Carolina race:

    “Get your asses out and vote”.

  37. wchipperdove

    If anybody has used Patreon (as in, gotten donations thru it) successfully, I’d like to see an article on that.

    • LT_Fish

      I haven’t set one up yet, but I’ve worked with a LOT of folks on theirs and I’ve seen a number of the changes/variations out there. What sort of project are you trying to fund with it?

  38. straffinrun

    They honestly love him. You don’t get the feeling at all that Trump’s supporters are faking their applause at all. That MFer can work a room as well as any comedian out there. It’s mesmerizing. I hope the other psychos out there that run in the future embrace their inner psycho and proudly display it like Trump. This is government. Why not have it your face like this?

    • Mustang

      Was the same feeling at the troop rally with him I attended here. He reminded me of Zaphod Beeblebrox…he’s just this guy, you know? He doesn’t really know what he’s doing but it’s all cool man, it works out.

      • slumbrew

        Man, that’s a great comparison.

  39. CPRM

    Why is the afternoon thread showing up on the front page as the newest thread leading everyone to miss the cartoon?

    • Gustave Lytton

      Glib staff has it stickyed. Your post is the sacrificial lamb so that the Glibertariat can have truckloads of raw red meat in the future.

      • CPRM

        I blame Swiss, he seemed upset earlier today when I jested about when the cartoon would run. Neutral my ass.

      • slumbrew

        He’s a _servator_ – he’s not actually Swiss.