The Glibertarians Foundation Board met the night of January 25, 2021. The following was approved by the board, unanimously.

$1000 to The Institute for Justice. The premier, fighting down in the trenches against government injustice, organization. They continue to be worthy of the support we can give them.

$500 to The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. They have continued the difficult fight against heavy-handed stifling, and punishment of free expression in the classrooms and dean’s offices across the country. They deserve our help.

$500 to The Second Amendment Foundation. Unlike the more famous band of grifters, this bunch is similar to the IJ – in that they take effective legal action against those that are ever more emboldened to disarm the people of this country. They are new to our giving.


How are we able to do this? simply…you. You donate, buy merch and do so through this site. Why is this site here? Sloopy led a band of misfits to gather with a purpose, and SP’s IT wizardry and never-ending toil has made it possible. We cannot thank SP enough, by the way. All her time fighting the WordPress myriad of faults, archiving our past years, and now the Forums. All that while putting up with OMWC, and the daily blizzard of Wonder Dog hair. Cheers to SP!

Our last words on this – DO NOT donate ANYTHING unless it is purely discretionary. We know this has been a tough last year for many, and you have already been generous in other instances.