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I remember SP explaining to me, shortly after we were married, that there’s no such thing as a Celebrity Waiver List, nor were celebrity crushes allowed. What is acceptable, though, is historical celebrity crushes. I will cheerfully confess that I have one, and that is Dorothy Parker. She could write, she could drink, she could be cynical, acerbic, and nasty- and really, really funny. I was particularly taken with her book reviews, and her poetry was a brutal Ogden Nash.

You have to read her, not just read about her. The Portable Dorothy Parker is a good way to get a broad sample. It is second only to a rubber duck as the ideal bathtub companion. It may be held in the hand without causing muscular fatigue, and it may be read through before the water has cooled. And if it slips down the drain pipe, all right, it slips down the drain pipe.

I’ll be in my bunk.


I just started reading Successful Aging by Daniel Levitin on the plane to SPOMWC’s house (their estate came with a runway, ICYMI).

So far it’s interesting and engaging. I’m only a chapter in, so I will follow up next month with a verdict.

I am a bit worried about the veracity of some of the information provided, as happens often with pop science books, but Levitin provided 20 pages of citations and references, so that gives me hope.



I’m back to re-reading the Destroyer series. Book 13 through Book 18: Acid Rock, Judgment Day, Murder Ward, Oil Slick, Last War Dance, and Funny Money. They are such fun time capsules of what was bothering The John Birch Society: hippies, glam rock, gas prices, protest movements. They are like your Vietnam vet uncle when he gets drunk at Thanksgiving, but, you know, in a fun way.