Cowboy’s fans are just as sad today

Chelski put Everton in their place. West Ham are a legit team. UCL games today and tomorrow (yay!). And nothing happened here aside from the Cowboys resigning themselves to mediocrity at QB for the foreseeable future. And that’s sports.

She wasn’t ugly, that’s for sure.

Big birthdays today are: explorer (who didn’t discover what’s named after him) Amerigo Vespucci, French revolutionary Comte de Mirabeau, railroad tycoon Leland Stanford, commie politician Vyacheslav Molotov, Walton’s actor Will Geer, speaker designer Paul Klipsch, baseball HOFer Arky Vaughn, mystery writer Mickey Spillane, jazzman Ornette Coleman, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, chess player Bobby Fischer, terrorist Bobby Sands, the lovely Linda Fiorentino, quirky college football coach Mike Leach, and baseball great Benito Santiago.

Not a bad list there. And now on to…the links!

Papiere, bitte! But at least it’s the private sector.  Oh wait, they’re asking the government to get involved. Kinda fascist if you ask me.

LOL, fuck you CNN. I’m not vaccinated and I can do all of those things.  Also, free people aren’t “allowed to” do things. They have a right to do those things. We don’t need your permission.

Thank God they’re not cages, right?

Trump, you evil sonofabitch! Oh wait, it’s March 2021, isn’t it. Well I’m sure it’s still his fault, eh journalists?

Damn, I’d almost forgotten about this little grifter. Thanks for the reminder, New York Post. You bastards.

Oh no! I assume his way of speaking will soon deteriorate into a hybrid of hillbilly, valleygirl, inner-city slang and various grunts.

Let this crazy man go!

What the fucking fuck?!?! This sure as shit sounds to me like he’s criminally penalizing the defendant due to actions he’s only alleged to have carried out.  And then he’s to be tried and penalized again. Which, IIRC, is clearly addressed in our constitution. Although our court system is so shitty they’ll not care.

You fucked up. You trusted us. But don’t worry. Apparently it’s no big deal. Which makes me wonder if these vaccines aren’t more for show than anything.

He’s technically right even if he’s an asshole. In fact, this statement would have been right all along, seeing as there’s no law that ever made a mask mandate legal in the first place. But I respect property rights, so I’ll just take my business elsewhere.

The video set to this is a head-scratcher. Oh well, it’s a great song. I hope you enjoy it.

Now go have a great day, friends!