Sweep the leg, cuck.

After watching a few episodes of Cobra Kai season 3, I am beginning to think if there was ever a time America needed John Kreese, now more than ever, is that time.

Take that as you will.


That’s interesting.  Indeed thats very interesting given they are still testing COVID vaccines there so they can’t really credit mass vaccinations.

Meanwhile…in Argentina.

For the gamblers among us.

Somehow, this got interesting.

Mexico buys half an oil refinery.

Nobody at CNN wanted to venture a guess before writing this headline?

Within hours, several hundred Cuban artists and students staged a rare sit-in protest outside the Cuban Ministry of Culture and some of the island’s best known cultural figures voiced their support for Otero Alcántara and greater freedom of expression.
Cuban officials quickly released Otero Alcántara and claimed he was part of a US “soft coup” against the island.

Seems to defeat the purpose of a cryptocurrency but what do I know?


Good tune, but does everything have to be black and white now?