Baffert banned by Belmont. Long-faced Harry Kane says he wants out at Spuds. A HUUUUUGE soccer match will take place today at Chelsea. The Astros are allowing a full crowd with no masks starting today. And Canadian stadiums are still forbidding all fans from attending, because they simply can’t admit they were wrong.  And that’s sports.

OMWC’s hero

Russian Tsar Nicholas II was born on this day. He shares it with mathematician/philosopher Bertrand Russell, baseball player Babe Adams, filmmaker Frank Capra, tennis great and fashion icon Fred Perry, bluesman Big Joe Turner, musical tv personality Perry Como, Pope John Paul II, baseball HOFer Brooks Robinson, soccer player Nobby Stiles, HOF slugger Reggie Jackson, country singer George Strait, actor Chow Yun Fat, hockey great Jari Kurri, rapper Rob Base, actress Tina Fey, pitcher Rich Garces, and college football great Vince Young.

That was a decent list. Now on to…the links!

Diplomatic immunity….apparently won’t be revoked.  Man, movies are way better than real life.

Christ, what an asshole. But even assholes should enjoy due process.

FAA Chief Steve Dickson, in January, first signed the order directing the agency to take a “zero-tolerance policy” in unruly passenger cases — handing down stricter punishments without a warning, including fines of up to $35,000 and imprisonment.

Fuck you, FAA.

Killer Cuomo

Wow, this dude is way underpaid. Doing the math at 15,000 people killed in nursing homes alone, he’s only getting $340 per victim.  There’s not a Whitman in the country that would work at that rate.

This shit is absolutely laughable.

“This is the latest tool in our toolbox to maximize our state’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic,” Lamont said in a statement.

No, the tool you need to use is to cut off benefits to people who don’t go back to work.  Also, you’re a tool, Lamont.

That’s some nice police work, Lou. I guess its “bailiff work”, but the quote works better my way.

Chicago unveils its new slogan.

These numbers are astonishing. And not on a good way.

Good lord. These people are real life cartoon characters. Or what I like to call “retards”.

This man deserves a medal. What a hero.

I don’t play these guys often enough. Although I bet I get accused of playing them too often by putting them on just once.

Now get out there and have a great day, dear friends!