Adieu, frogs!

Oh, you magnificent Swiss bastards! Of course you get Spain now after they won as well.  But they struggled as well.  Either way, what a couple of fun games yesterday.  And England-Germany coming up this morning. With Sweden-Ukraine (in a game not that many people are jazzed up about) coming up to round out the Round of 16.  Enjoy.  Tampa throttled Montreal in game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals. Vandy topped Miss St in the first game of the CWS final. And Wimbledon is underway with an American pulling a big upset in the first round.  Yay for sports!

Pussycat Dolls

Big birthdays today are: baseball owner who made quite the bad decision Harry Frazee, rodeo performer and actor Slim Pickens, movie producer Robert Evans, HOF great Harmon Killebrew, civil rights leader Stokely Carmichael, singer Little Eva, actor Gary Busey, comedian Richard Lewis, football player/announcer Dan Dierdorf, pitcher Rick Honeycutt, hockey great Theoren Fleury, Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, and auto racer Martin Truex, Jr.

Not the best list there. But not the worst. Anyway on to…the links!

Congratulations for finally preparing!

Well, at least they put “unprecedented” in quotation marks. You know, since it’s not remotely close to being unprecedented. But they need to scare the sheep, so they have to be bombastic. Anyway, it’s pretty hot in some places. But that happens in the summer.

This is actually pretty sad. Maybe if Team Blue would have supported the bill last term, which they rejected out of hand because it was proposed by a black Republican, we’d have made some progress by now.  But principals trump principles every time when it comes to politicians.  Bunch of assholes.

Yeah, best of luck with that. I can’t wait for the mandates to return and residents of even that left-wing shithole tell authorities to GFY. But I may be overly optimistic. In fact, I’m willing to bet they bend the knee and go back into full embrace of stupidity.  They’ll blame people who refuse to get vaccinated as well. Because why not.

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here. I do admire the balls on her though.  Of course, it’s easy to lie when you know most of the media will cover it however you want them to.

Chicago will continue with its racist and sexist government policy. At least that’s how the headline would read if the race and sex were reversed.  Because some racism and sexism is considered positive to leftists.


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, because up until now, hippies were always known for trusting the government and following western medicine.

This is not surprising. I just hope a lot of the people who are coming leave their retarded big-government politics at the border.  But they won’t.

Come on boys, come on girls. Succumb to…a great song.

Now get out there and have a great day, friends!