This post is directed to our many writers. Please know that we appreciate you and your work. Without you this site would be a mere shadow of what it is now.

Recently, some of our editors have experienced life changes which leave them less time for Glibs editorial duties. Our editorial resources are getting stretched pretty thin, and the word “burnout” is frequently heard. We are no longer able to offer the level of editing which we were previously providing. We apologize to our writers who had become used to the high-touch editing and whose works we published in unedited form.


No, not this type of burnout.


We ask that our contributing writers do more with editing your articles before submitting. We know that WordPress, on which our website runs, is a PITA. Most of use came to the site with no WordPress experience and learned it on the fly.

We don’t mind giving your work the once-over, fixing the odd typo, and working with formatting. We will remain very indulgent with first-time writers. But we also ask that if we’ve edited your works in the past that you pay attention to the edits we make and incorporate those changes in your future submissions. Ideally, your editor should just be that second set of eyes who notices the things you missed despite your best efforts.


One of our Glibs editors needed to be sent away on “vacation.” He made this for us in Arts and Crafts. The nurse said this is a big improvement over his first “art project.”


We have a helpful guide to using WordPress which was developed specifically for Glibs writers with no WordPress experience.

Please, everyone, go the extra yard and do the WordPress settings for your article: featured illo, turn off sidebar, hide featured illo on post, and put in an excerpt.

Also, please let us know if there is anything we can do to make the process more easy for our authors.

Finally, we have one of our bright young things working on a new, better guide to using WordPress for Glibs writers. Please let him know in the comments what you’d like to see covered.

Thanks again to everyone who contributes their writing, drawings, photographs, cartoons, etc.

Lastly We realize that unfolding events may cause this comment thread to go off the rails. Please keep replies about Glibs editorial matters at the top of the thread by replying to the first comment that the editors will put up for this purpose.