Hopefully Liverpool destroys them…again.

NBA Playoffs: blah, blah, blah. Nobody cares. The Browns are being talked to by the NFL about possibly tanking games. Which I guess is somehow different than sitting most of your starters at the end of the season when you can’t change your playoff position. Liverpool take on ManUre today in (another) must-win game for both teams. ManUre will be without Ronaldo after the tragic death of one of his twins during childbirth. May God have mercy on that poor baby’s soul. And that’s sports.

Now we can all be like Texas Democrat politicians when we fly!

Good. This was bullshit. Now go fire your Dean of Inclusivity or whatever it’s called and hire a Dean Of Individual Liberty and have them explain to all these whiny bitches that nobody in the world is not obligated to call you whatever you demand and that its best to start your adult life understanding this.

So much for at-will employment. Not to mention all of the claims Amazon made can be easily verified by video that the fired jackass had taken himself.

It’s about fucking time. It only took damn near two years for a judge to actually understand how the constitutional separation of powers works. And I fly to NYC tomorrow, so I get to enjoy it right away.

“Shut the fuck up”, the bunny said to the President.

“You know what, there is no Easter Bunny. Over there, that’s just a guy in a suit!” Great line from a great movie. Anyway, it’s not really applicable, although this shit is equal parts hilarious and pathetic.

Good, pay your fucking taxes! I shouldn’t get a lower deduction than assholes from overtaxed blue states. You want to complain? Do it in Albany and Sacramento. They’re the ones fleecing you. I mean, fleecing you more than me, anyhow. I still hate federal taxes. But this isn’t really about that.

I hope his insurance carrier sees the logic in what he’s requested. Because this seems like a no-brainer to me. Both from a cost-savings point of view as well as a potential for bad publicity…which they’re now starting to face.

What do you think of your progressive paradise now, Californians? Your government is absolutely fucking useless. Not to mention they’re largely to blame for the problem with their retarded tax policies, building restrictions, and general governance.

This is the greatest thing I heard all day (yesterday). Now get the tostada back as well, you bastards.

Here’s a gem of a song. Those guys were fucking great. I’ll give you a second dose. This one a very good cover. Enjoy them both.

And enjoy this Tuesday, dear friends.