Here we are on Saturday morning again. It’s the day before Easter, and I haven’t seen a single damn Cadbury egg yet. I’m sure my teeth and gut thank me, but that’s my guilty pleasure and I miss them. Starting tomorrow’s brisket today. Two hours on the smoker, and then into the sous vide for 26-30 hours depending on when I get it all done today and when we want to eat tomorrow. I’ll also do a couple of slabs of pork ribs, some borracho beans and mac’n’cheese, because it’s been too long since I had stuff like that. What’s everyone else cooking up this weekend?

Florida Mom dropped her kids at the Dollar Store and forgot the part where you have to give them each a fiver to spend if you want to go get drunk without them.

PBR hiding Easter Kegs around Tampa. First prize is two kegs of PBR, second prize is four.

Well this explains so much about the last 8 years.

Shoot straight you bastards, don’t make a mess of it!” I also would pick firing squad over electric chair.

Thank goodness we still have these two