Sunday. Its still only Sunday. My parents took off for a five week trip to France, Andorra, and Spain today. The got into walking tours about a decade ago, and this is their first real trip since the ‘Vidining. Pretty badass that two seventy somethings are going to walk 6-10 miles a day in the Pyrenees 24 days out of 35. I have my older two set up with email addresses, and my folks are going to email them every couple of days. I figure that’s as good an introduction to email as a kid can get. I mean, unless you discover it at 14 and you have people sending you porn pics. Not that that happened to me. I matured in the old dialup age where you had to guess well based on the thumbnails that loaded after waiting 5 minutes. Email was still in porn’s future

As if “wearing one’s ass as a hat” isn’t enough of an etymology for these asshats. Or as my high-school coach used to term it, “rectoasphyxiation” — “you got your head so far up your ass, it’s cutting off circulation to your brain.”

This food truck really blew it (up).

Holy shit  I forgot geeks did shit like this


I ain’t superstitious