Storm Coming (watercolor by SP)

Well, things haven’t gone exactly as planned, but this is part of my rehabilitation. Community service, but this time  not because of that January-September relationship. While we’ve been locked away, spring has sprung here with a vengeance, the lawn needs mowing, trees need planting, and college girls need frightening. Among our visitors last weekend was SugarFree. I trolled our snowflakes by telling them that several friends of ours were coming into the café, and when any of them sees one named ——-, say to him, “Horrify me.” He did and she did. The conversation went to wereseals, Harry Potter incest erotic fanfic, famous women named Ginger, some of whom are porn stars, BDSM, and how to read and write crosswriting. The girls actually enjoyed themselves until the nightmares began.

Birthdays aren’t really frightening, though, even if they include a guy with an incisive intellect; a guy who looked nothing like Burt Lancaster; a guy who looked nothing like Sean Connery; the father of academic grifting; a politician who got… deeply weird; the guy who wrote everyone’s life soundtrack; the best beard in the music business; a stunning musician who will guarantee you’re not the dorkiest person onstage; and a guy who still doesn’t realize he’s at the pinnacle of his political career and will go no further.

Well, let’s see what fun things we can find in the world today.


This. Is. Fucking. Awesome.


No shit, Sherlock.


He’s not wrong.


Unlikely, but you never know.



For whatever reason, I’ve been on a James McMurtry kick lately. I used to see him regularly at a hole in the wall convenience store that unaccountably had a great performance space. Amazing shows and one of the things I greatly miss about Austin. His line “Now it’s all I can do just to get out of bed/There’s more in the mirror than there is up ahead” gives me chills every time I hear or remember it. Anyway, this cut just seemed apropos.