This Coming Wednesday Night…


Things To Come – lets take a look at them.

Monday – Like that last episode of Too Many Goodbyes? You will get another next week! Tonight, by popular demand (by demand, mean…) trshy will give us Automating Quordle.

Tuesday – kinnath does a little guitar makin’ and finishin’. RC Dean ‘splains How Hospitals Work. Or not, as the case may be.

Wednesday –  Hide ya wife. Hide ya kids. Yes, it is him again…SugarFree. Then, in further brain-detonation, robc makes A Libertarian Case for Unions.

Thursday – Tulip returns for an after-action on the May Pantry Challenge. See how you stack up. RJ’s Glibflick is teh awesomeness of “Shaolin vs Evil Dead”.

Friday – The Daily Stoic will be there to help us get by. Later, CPRM (plz go fix the broken images in the post, thx) will talk about the value of a buck.

Weekend – Links, Hijinks! IFLA! GlibFit!

Links, sure…let us have them:

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