Well, well.  Looks like nobody submitted anything… So it’s mine!


In all seriousness, all you fat cats need to rise up and hand in some work to keep this place running.  Unlike a PBS station, when people stop donating we actually go off air.  There are no damn dirty commies with blank checks financing our questionable coverage.

So write!  Or Don’t!  Everything is voluntary.  But failure to act can have consequences.  Namely, you have to read my crap.

So, open post with a twist!  The snowflakes made a singles ad for Old Man with Candy. It looks like this:

The words others use to describe me are: elderly, fat, balding, and broke. But to make up for that, I have an abrasive personality, fascist political beliefs, and smell funny. I was just in a 15 year marriage to Superwoman, so you will always fall short of my expectations and disappoint me, which I will be unable to hide.

Do you have unresolved grandpa issues? Substance abuse? A history of bad choices? If yes to all of these, you have found your Mr. Right.

I’m old and decrepit, but potentially fun.

We, the island of misfit toys, must do better. Only two rules:

  • Be kind and thoughtful
  • Don’t trigger anyone or abuse your privilege.

Ha!  Gotcha! Post what you want.  But don’t blame me if you get banned today.