New Texas Giant!

Greetings from the road! I’ve not been paying much attention to anything newsworthy this week as Banjos and I rumble through Texas as out kids are in summer camp. But let’s see if I can come up with a few items for you with…the links!

Wimbledon is happening. That’s apparently it for sports.

Branch Davidian Memorial

Good for this guy (and the dogs). Now he can catch up on all the celebrity news…like Ben Stiller meeting with Zelelnsky. And U2 doing a concert for Zelensky. And the FB Live by Zelensky. And Sean Penn and Angelina Jolie meeting Zelensky. And all other celebrity meetings by Zelensky during a war. Because that’s what leaders do when their country has been invaded.

Well of course she is. Why wouldn’t she be? She doesn’t step outside her bubble long enough to see that literally every principal to the stories Hutchinson told have said they were lies.

Dr Pepper Museum!

Here’s a giant jump to conclusions. Sadly, there’s plenty of retards out there that will believe it without any evidence whatsoever.

Who gives a shit. The Ivies have been. lost cause for years now. Anybody who can’t see that hasn’t been paying attention.

Holy shit, this is amazing. I haven’t seen anything like this since the closing scene in Blazing Saddles.

Solid lunch on the Riverwalk.

Seems legit. Just so we’re clear here, he got ten more years than Ghislane Maxwell and literally none of her “customers” ever saw the inside of a courtroom?  Yeah, that’s some real justice there.

No shit, Sherlock. Anybody who understands the science could have told you that two years ago.

Worst (best!) Wax Museum ever.

And Ted Cruz is right. Which isn’t very common, if I’m being honest. But this kind of propaganda has no business being targeted at children. Especially since everything the show said was a lie.

This is me and Banjos’ song this week. It’s been a blast but we’re headed home today. And no, we won’t one picking up one of these on the way home from San Antonio. Because we’re not insane.

Anyway, enjoy the songs and the links on this lovely Thursday.