Bare granite summits give fantastic views.


OK, so this match has pretty garbage communication. I just received my first email from them in weeks saying that there were still seats available for the staff dinner.  Attached to tat was a link to the match book (which I had not been informed had been released) and in that I found out my stage assignment (not that they had bothered to tell me).  And they misspelled my name.  NYT level journalisming.


A surprising amount of smells on rock.


This is an auspicious week for official-type army stuff, what with Mars and Jupiter being boosted by the sun.  Wednesday night is an excellent time for sex, with the Moon and Venus working together.  Enjoy that, since there’s a rough patch beginning on Saturday when Mercury brings its clusterfuckery to bear on Mars.

Sorry there isn’t more.  The skies can be boring like that.


Lily understands the value of high ground.


Cancer:  6 of Swords – Journey by water, route, way, envoy, commissionary, expedient.

Leo:  Queen of Coins – Opulence, generosity, magnificence, security, liberty.

Virgo:  Queen of Cups – Good, fair woman, honest, devoted, intelligence, gift of vision, success, happiness, pleasure, wisdom, virtue.  A fairly decent card.

Libra: The High Priestess – Secrets, mystery, the future as yet unrevealed, silence, tenacity, mystery, wisdom, science.

Scorpio:  The Fool reversed – Negligence, absence, distribution, carelessness, apathy, nullity, vanity.

Sagittarius:  The Hierophant – Marriage, alliance, captivity, servitude, mercy and goodness, inspiration.

Capricorn:  Wheel of Fortune reversed – Increase, abundance, superfluity.

Aquarius:  8 of Coins – Work, employment, commission, craftsmanship, skill in craft and business.

Pisces:  2 of Cups reversed – The unravelling of a relationship, the revelation of damaging secrets.

Aries:  Page of Cups – News, message; application, reflection, meditation.

Taurus:  2 of Wands – Riches, fortune, magnificence, physical suffering, disease, chagrin, sadness, mortification. In case you’re wondering why these reading are as they are, the card is someone who’s ambition never gives way to satisfaction with their accomplishments.  Alexander weeping because there is nothing left to conquer, or Ebeneezer Scrooge living a meager lifestyle in order to increase his (unappreciated) fortune.

Gemini:  7 of Cups – Daydreaming, idle speculation, insubstantial or transitory accomplishments.


Relax. Cool off. Wash the trail mud from your coat.