I made my kids watch Ender’s Game on Sunday.  They didn’t hate it so I went to find my copy of the book. It disappeared for some reason.  No biggie, I’ll just run down to the used book store and find a copy for under $5, right?

They have Orson Scott Card in four sections of the store.  The only section that had a copy was “Fiction Paperback” next to rows full of Star Wars fan fiction, makes total sense.


For the links:

Bill Gates hardest hit.

“Here’s the deal, Juan…”

After no-showing at the Americas summit, a tense meeting between Brandon and the tense AMLO on the docket Tuesday.

Inflation leads to famine?  Chicken meet egg?

I remember being made fun as a kid because I shared a name with this guy.

The Venezuelans will be allowed to remain.

I can’t even make a helicopter joke here.  They’re throwing themselves out.

They take partisan politics seriously in Brazil.

Very cool.


Here’s a good tune.  Enjoy your Tuesday.